Sunday, January 11, 2009

Picture a Day-Day 40

Yesterday I decided to follow the trend of some other exbrides (Okay so far I've only seen it from Jenna and Ashley but it could be something on the horizon) and dyed my hair.

This wasn't a completely off the wall idea. My hair goes through a weird color change all on its own as one season passes to the next so I like to sort of speed it along some years. After a fun trip to Target to spend a few minutes picking out a new color (my husband was sent off to find a new toothbrush so he didn't feel too weird standing in the hair aisle) I headed back home to begin the long and torturous process of ridding myself of some unwanted hair with lots of fun chemicals.

This is the before picture. Awe crap, I was supposed to be all frowny as though my own weird hair was making my life a complete wreck and only by using a miracle product could I fix it:As you can see it's dark on the top and also a few other random underneath splotches but wherever the winter sun can hit it's still a lot lighter (that's what I get for wearing a hood and hat all winter long).

After reading the instructions super carefully (I always open them up to get the gloves out at least) I began mixing the chemical reagents, distilling them down and sublimating them trying to turn lead into gold.

No wait I am told I in fact just mixed the color with the cream and spread it all over my hair. Sorry about that.

And since I am just that kinda person I felt that a before and after picture is not enough. I think we need a nice middle one:
If you're wondering why I have a bag on my head it was something started long back in the dorm days. I used to be in charge of dying everyones head, well when my best friend agreed to do mine she threw a big stink about how much it smelled and put the shopping bag over my head.

We of course had a good laugh over how ridiculous I looked, and after that anytime I dyed anyone elses hair they got a bag over their head.

It actually really helped to keep the ammonia smell mostly contained and me from ramming my dye covered head into anything. So for any other Do-it-dyers you may want to try the shopping bag over your head trick.
And here's the final result. All one color, no big mistakes, no one turned green. My hair and I are actually quite boring. Try to destroy it or change it in any way and it just bounces right back to the way it was (I may one day tell you about the great spray insulation foam incident or the puppy as scissors time).

Has anyone else gotten on the" hair change after the wedding" trend?


AmyJean said...

I love the color... You have such an amazing smile! :)

Linda said...

I like it.
No coloring for me yet. I need to get another hair cut though.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you're a champion because you did it all yourself! I dyed my hair recently and I went to a hair dresser, for I didn't want to do it wrong. Looks nice! :)

Valerie said...

Man, looks like you did a great job to me. Nice bag head. ;)

I haven't colored my hair, but I'm about to get chop happy. Just some nice big sexarific (I HOPE) bangs.

Mrs. Not-so-Domesticated said...

Great coloring! I definitely had wedding hair drama, the day of the wedding the hairdresser that I went to (who is not my normal hairdresser) decided that my bangs were too long and needed a "trim". Well 4 inches later and I have Something about Mary bangs that wont lay down. After yelling and tears my bangs were cemented to the side of my face.

The day after we returned from our honeymoon my hairdresser fixed the disaster and I cut 5 inches off the rest of my hair....

Miss Anne said...

happy day! great new color and pics!

Jennifer said...

Love the color! I am no longer permitted to dye my own hair. I have to let a professional do it!

Cate Subrosa said...

Love the colour. I used to have mine like that.

Yup, I got myself a fringe. (That's bangs to you.)

Cyd said...

I really love the new color!