Monday, January 12, 2009

Post 300!

And if you can't tell by now that I am horrifically bored at work (and around the blog-o-sphere as well. Am I missing something? It's been really quiet as of late. Did someone declare another snow day and no one told me?) I present another round of "What would our kids look like."

I am actually kinda surprised at these, they don't look creepy at all. I've actually got two versions of this one. This one with my fuller lips and another with my smile, I think I like this one more. I hope my kids don't get my huge goofy smile.
This one actually shocked me as it looks like some baby pictures I've seen of my hubby (I always pick on him because of the stupid hats he had to wear):
If you want to make your own you don't actually have to register just hit skip or next every time they ask.


Linda said...

Sweet. You guys are going to have some cute kids!
Congrats on reaching 300!

Lindsey said...

Aww so cute! You will def have adorable kids!

AmyJean said...

OMg. my babies came out so ugly! :-/

And sadly, even though i'm asian, none of them came out even close to it LOL!


AmyJean said...

PS. Congrats on 300 :)


Never teh Bride said...

That's surprisingly un-creepy... or should I say YOURS are surprisingly uncreepy. Mine were still creepy.

The Pissed Off Bride said...

I love this!

Now I have to find some pictures and try it out.