Friday, September 12, 2008

Bits and Bobbles

I am happy to say that my tall flower girl has decided to stick with her original dress and they can easily enough let it out. Turns out she has a large rib cage.

She also bought her wedding day shoes on super duper sale so I took a picture of her in them and her dress.

I find it quite entertaining that while all of my friends are shorter than me in real life for the wedding they're all gonna be taller than me. It's gonna look like I'm melting! Melting!

Another thing we've been piecing together are all the guys costumes. If you haven't heard they're gonna be the Marx Brothers. My guy is gonna be Groucho, his best man Chico and the groomsman Harpo.

My guys was the easiest by far. We realized that he'd have to get a fake mustache instead of using Groucho's grease paint as I was gonna be kissing him all night and I didn't want to wind up with my own mustache.

The cigar was a nice find at a halloween shop. It has the little orange bit hidden at the end so it looks like it's lit in the right light.

The other two have been a bit of a challenge. We've generally left the costumes up to the other guys and gals. Though if we do find something that looks good we'll get it for them.

Harpo has been generally easy, bike horn, curly wig, and we found a top hat for him.

Chico is proving to be an interesting problem. He really doesn't have as signature a look so we've been looking for a hat that would work and so far the best we've come up with is getting an alpine hat and spray painting it black.

If anyone else has ever dressed up like Chico or knows someone that has if you ahve any tips to make a costume please do share.


Anonymous said...

I am of no help though your idea is most definately original!!!Kudos to you!

Broke-ass Bride said...

Yeah, I'm not helpful except to say "how cute!" - love the marx bros idea.
xo, Broke-Ass Bride

Anonymous said...

Youve got to send your wedding to ariel at off beat bride. Your groomsmen idea is the most unique of them all and Ive been frequenting OBB for almost 10 months!