Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Anti-wedding mood

For the past week or so (probably right around this time) I've really been hard pressed to get excited for the wedding. At this point I am looking forward to the honeymoon much more than the wedding as well as when the futurama movie comes out and Rock Band 2 and when we can pay the gas bill.

So rather than looking at various centerpieces and figuring out how we're gonna set up our reception site I've just been messing around at various places and I thought I'd share my random day fun.

First off, every day requires a stop off at Cake Wrecks. If you haven't heard of this place, they're famous for hosting the picture of that wedding cake. You know the one. Where the bride had her likeness made in cake to be eaten by everyone. Really, you got to see it.

Well they also have a wreck a day, of just disturbing and hilarious cakes made by professional bakers that are rather missing their mark. (I don't know why but I just loved the babies on the carrots).

Okay now that you've gotten a whole bunch of giggles out of your system time for a fun simple game. Just go to this color personality site and instead of choosing your favorite color do your wedding colors (or as close as you can get) and then change you to "Your wedding." Here are mine:

Your wedding enjoys a peaceful environment
in which to relax and appreciate life.
(My wedding is a hippie)

Your wedding has a refined sense of beauty.
(In other words, tacky)

Your wedding is capable of persisting against
all odds when determined to reach a goal.
(We're getting married, damnit!)

Your wedding is intent on establishing a
personal attitudinal framework within
which to accomplish your goals.
(My wedding owns a thesaurus apparently)

Your wedding is very strong-willed and
determined and can accomplish much
when left alone and undisturbed.
(My wedding is a homicidal maniac waiting to happen)

Easy-going and original, your wedding is capable
of relaxing and enjoying the finer things in life.
(My wedding is a snob)

Your wedding has an eye for art.
(And a jewel thief)

Your wedding works hard to improve your life
and to surmount the tensions involved in the struggle.
(By making your life filled with stress and struggle,

For those Freakazoid fans, I know there's at least one out there, I give you this little clip on marriage. I love it. Mmm meat.

If you're tired of having to go dress shopping all the time and look at the same thing over and over again why not make your own bridal gown?
I've decided that rather than my simple one I think I'll go for something a bit more poufy like this:
I just realized it looks like the little mermaid's wedding dress. Ah the early 90s.

If that one seems a bit to limiting, here is another bridal gown maker but I didn't really like the model as much. Mine looks like a sex doll someone pulled out of a dumpster.

Finally if there are any Kingdom of Loathing fans out there, have yourself a three tiered wedding cake.


Riley (aka Rachel) said...

Yes, I've been kind of anti-wedding for a little while too. Not really "anti-wedding", I'm just sick of thinking about it.
And yes, I too look forward to the day I can pay my (substitute "electric" for "gas" here) bill.

LOL about the Halloween decorations!! But just think how awesome your house will look next year!

valerie said...

I literally laughed until I cried while reading Cake Wrecks. My future father-in-law keeps peeking in every now and then to see what the hell is so funny.

Freakazoid. Oh Freakazoid. Brett and I were getting hysterical over singing the theme song while making favors. Of course, being up at 3 am probably didn't help.

When I was younger, I didn't realize how homosexual... and sexual in general all of my favorite shows were.

Skywalker said...


I tried your website reco and here is mine:

"BLACK -You demand a calm environment, free of conflict and disagreement. You prefer natural to artificial.
You are capable of being comfortable in conditions that would bother others. You are not easily disconcerted. You enjoy attention, but are unsure of how to handle it. Just treat others as you'd like to be treated. It works!"

How true that is...I got through my wedding, dealing with in laws, my family, my attendants was to imagine my happy place - which was my honeymoon.

Don't feel guilty. Planning a wedding is OVERWHELMING and thank GOD I don't have to do it again. Once you get through this - you're ready for anything.

The Pissed Off Bride said...

I agree with the anti-wedding feeling. I think after a certain point it just becomes over-load.

I am refusing to go dress shopping for a while. The sea of wedding gowns and commisioned "personal gown attendant" sharks are making me sick.

You are so funny. I have not seen freakazoid in sooo long. I agree with Valerie. I see some of the cartoons that I use to watch and wonder how anyone thought they would be appropriate for a child.

Guilty Secret said...

OMG cake wrecks is hilarious too!