Saturday, September 27, 2008

Trick or Treat

This weekend I really tortured my poor thumb.

After taking into consideration all of your suggestions for what to do for table centerpieces I sort of cobbled it together. We're gonna have everyone sitting on just one side of the tables so we're gonna put a basket on every table (or every other table) then we got some of the little pumpkins (my parents went to pick them last night) to put on either side of the baskets along with a little sign.

The first task to piss my thumb off and to accomplish what we want were to make some simple signs to encourage people to take the candy home with them (we already have little bags to put at each place).

It was relatively easy coming up with what to say, the time consuming task was picking just the right font. Then I played with some colors and came up with this:

Cutting out 24 pieces of cardboard is a little work but I could always give my thumb a chance to rest, right? Wrong.

The other thought I had for the baskets was to make them look a bit less fallish and a bit more spooky. So while wandering around a party store (and getting a lot of fake teeth for any guests that want to be vampires) I got two large black table clothes.

I cut the table cloths into 12 sections (which was a challenge as the table clothes were 108 feet long) and stuffed them into the baskets. But I felt I really needed to amp the scary factor so I decided to give it the "witch" look and took to jaggeding up the edges.

In the picture you can also see just a hint of my huge mess, and my guys socked feet as he kills half orcs (or was it ghosts with a silver butter knife?). Here's one complete with some candy.

I think it turned out pretty well in the end (and I swear they don't look as much like a garbage bag in real life, it's just thanks to the flash) and they'd make some really cute treat baskets in the future to hand out candy for Trick-Or-Treaters.

Thanks to everyone who gave me all the ideas so I could cobble this all together; however, my thumb with its scissor blister curses you daily.

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