Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's Alive! ALIVE!

I'm still not in a wedding mood so instead I thought I'd talk about something more fun, namely Halloween!
If you have never been to Michaels the craft store (I know we've all been to Michaels the tire store) every year around halloween they get in some really cool little towns from Lemax. I've always liked to look at the little village set ups in stores to try and find any hidden jokes but never really cared about buying any.

They were a bit too cutesy for me. But oh man last year me and my fiance discovered Spooky-Town and some of their twisted houses and figurines.

Both of us being lab rats we fell for the Frankenstein Laboratory but alas we waited too long to try and get one so by the time we got to Michaels again they were all sold out.

This year while they had some interesting buildings none jumped out at us, but I thought maybe I should search the web and see if anyone was selling any.
In comes the House of Tam, not only do they have the frankie lab but they have pieces all the way back from 2000. So for the fun of it I thought I'd create my ultimate spooky town village here (we are gonna go get some other pieces maybe this weekend, right now we just have Death on his horse and an undead camel. Don't ask).
Well the first thought is that since we have Frankies lab why not make a graveyard for him. So first off we need some really cool tombstones.
Every graveyard needs a super spooky gate.
And Death to be sitting on a tombstone just waiting.
Okay this one doesn't really fit in the cemetery I just thought they were cute in a spooky way.
But our cemetery needs lots of creepy trees, and none are creepier than dead willows.
And finally just because it's the most disturbing thing I've seen so far this butcher shop will make you lose your lunch.

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Riley (aka Rachel) said...

Cool houses. I love looking at those little houses, and the Christmas ones, and coming up with little stories.
Very fun.