Thursday, September 11, 2008

For any dog lovers out there

Okay if you haven't figured it out by now my screen name means black lab lover (and then there's a 5 on it for various different reasons. I make up a new one every time someone asks) so that means I love black labs.

So does my Dad (he runs our two spoiled brats in hunt tests and field trials, these are the things you see on ESPN 9 at 4 in the morning where the dog is sitting and then has to run off and follow hand signals to pick up a bird).

In looking for a possible parent gift I found these gorgeous water color pictures by DJ Rogers. Labs seem to be hard to do, people almost never get the head right much less the eyes but these are just perfect.

This is my Dad's that we got framed, but I fell in love so much I just had to get one for myself as well.I'm even looking at a few more for my new office. He does a whole host of dog breed pictures so if you are looking for a wedding present (or even an early Christmas gift) for a dog lover give this site a look.


Jennifer said...

I never would have guessed that's what your screen name meant! If you haven't figured out mine- its my first name. Clever- I know! Oh and I love labs!

Anonymous said...

I also love dogs these pictures are so beautiful!My mother has a wonderful Boxer Retreiver blend named Gracie.

Sorry I do not get by more often I have no PC of my own,I'll try to get by as often as I can!

Guilty Secret said...

Ah. I had wondered what your screen name meant... I kind of assumed it was blab lover as in 'I love talking' as some kind of deliberate contradiction with 'introverted bride.' Not that I really consciously thought that, I just realised it when I thought about it this morning.

They are gorgeous dogs. We used to have a black Labrador / greyhound cross. Sounds weird but she was as beautiful as a lab (well, almost!) and as quick as a greyhound (well, almost!) :-D

AmyJean said...

Those pictures are amazing. I want him to do my pups! Wow!!!