Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's Lego Batman day!

This week I had to go out and get myself a little pyrex bowl for work (really, I swear. It's a lab thing). And I was thinking, hm, I could do it on Tuesday so I could pick up Lego Batman at the same time.

I thought I was being all smarty pants, and I headed out at 2 to get to Target at a dull shopping time. Well as I was a few steps out the door I hear a huge boom and just as I look up the heavens open up to dump about 50 gallons of water on me as I make a quick 10 minute walk/run to the car (this is what I get for working at a university).

Walking into Target I look like something the cat drug in, out of the sewer, that no one is willing to touch for a few days. Rather than spend the rest of the day soaked to the bone, I look through their shirt options and get a simple t-shirt to replace my drowned one (I wish I had a camera on me now to show you the picture of my other shirt sitting on the lab bench drying).

But I was finally able to get it into my own little hands. Lego Batman.

My fiance is gonna be so happy I can get him to do whatever I want for at least a week. Maybe it's a good time to start deep cleaning the oven and bathroom.


Riley (aka Rachel) said...

Sorry you had to get soaked to get it, though. Doesn't it always seem that when you remember your umbrella, it never rains??

DeadmansLog said...

jealous. I am jealous.

I couldn't leave work today to go shopping, and as Atlanta is experiencing gas shortages and I didn't fill up this weekend - the fiance was stuck at home without a card. GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


I think I am hungry for burritos tonight. The burrito place is right next to Target+BestBuy+GameStore

DeadmansLog said...

card=car ... you know. whatevs.

Tayia said...

DANG IT! I completely forgot today was Lego Batman day! Tell me how it is.