Monday, September 22, 2008

Call me Mrs. Butterworth!

I am an idiot. Now now, don't try to argue.

Only an idiot would start a new job 2 months before getting married and get all the paperwork done only to have to turn around and do it all again (I even got a purchasing card so I'll have a credit card for a whole 2 months).

Yeah, I'm changing my last name and really coming to regret it.

It's not that I'm really tied to my own last name or taking his is much of an improvement (one weird ethnic name for another) it just doesn't seem all that fair that when a woman gets married she has to wade through this much red tape and stand in 500 lines.

This weekend I decided I should finally start looking into what all I have to do. You'd think that what with women doing this, well, since the surname came into fashion it'd be a bit easier.

If you can get past all the confusing ads New Last is pretty good. You can go by your state and print off everything you need to change your soc. as well as your DMV stuff.

I started with the federal government form and was promptly confused why it needed my parents names as well as their numbers. You'd think someone would have gotten smart and made a single form for those looking to just change their name. No I don't need a new number, no I didn't lose my card. Just have to go from one name to another, thanks. Got any of those free tootsie rolls?

After that I moved to the state level and promptly wanted to run away. Okay, so I have to get a different license (that was a given) and calmly printed out that form. Then it went on to tell me that I had to get the title changed at the DMV and it would only cost me a whole $20 (for a simple delete and re-type on a computer) oh but then you have to buy different registration too.

All I can think is thank God I don't own a house or have anything else huge that I'd have to talk to 30 people to just have one little thing changed.

It just isn't fair that guys get out of it. I think they should all at least have to change their middle names, or maybe tack a Jr. on. Just something so they're in this line standing form filling hell too.
I do have one question that I thought of. For those of you have gone before and done all this, if you had any savings bonds did you have to get the names changed on those as well or was your bank a bit smart about it?


Bailee's Bride said...

your. post. scares. me. I dread the impending name change solely for the bureaucracy I must go thru! Oy vey.

peihan said...

You only need your parents SS# if you've never had a SS number before (gotta read that fine print carefully!). The DMV is kindof a pain, no getting around that.

And no one said that the woman has to be the one to change her name. He could've changed his too.

We both changed our last name, and it was a lot harder for him, since men can't change their names upon marriage in most states. He had to get a court order to do so.

So it could be worse =)

Jennifer said...

Whew...I am happy I don't even have to think abot this! But a reminder: don't forget your voter registration!

Blablover5 said...

Actually in my state you just have to fill out your drivers license stuff and that also signs you up to vote.

megan said...

hey! what a coincidence! I just downloaded and printed all the paperwork using yesterday. It look terribly confusing. I am not looking forward to doing all this stuff when I get back from Maui, especially since I'm a chronically lazy person.
but it will all be worth it in the end bc I'm getting a MUCH better last name. :)

Tara said...

I started a new job 2 months before my wedding too... it is stressful. But I haven't changed my last name so have avoided that bit.