Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Kleenex packs for all!

I am one of those people.

The type that always hassome kleenex stashed in her pockets or purse (or sometimes even just glued to my hand).

We probably have 10 boxes scattered across our apartment (not including the extra in the closet just in case). Running out of kleenex is much more cause for a store run than running out of milk, bread, or toilet seats.

I am a constant snot machine.

I know I know, I'm sorry you all have to hear that. You'd rather hear about shiny happy wedding plans and other ripped off REM songs.

Well this is a bit of an issue on my wedding day as I won't have any pockets anywhere near me (I'm starting to think I should get myself one of those little bags guys get on their kilts). But I know that I can't just tell my nose to stop running, its very stubborn. My allergies always have seasons they act up but even then my nose will run if it's slightly windy, if I eat anything spicier than a piece of bread, or if it's just in the mood.

I'm starting to wish that I'd made some tissue flowers (like She Weds) for the bouquets, I could quite easily dismantle one and use that while walking down the aisle right? (I can't help but upon seeing a Tears of Joy pack think ours should say "For your tears of joy or any extra snot you have")

Or the other option is to sneak a small travel pack somewhere on my person (the garter has to be good for something other than just designated toss material right?) and try my best to find chances to sneak in and use it.

Is anyone else out there like me or am I a lone freak (that's rhetorical I already am aware of my levels of freakiness)? And if you do have just as bad of a running nose how are you circumventing it?


valerie said...

Ok... I love Freakazoid!

But back to the post. I've seen garters that have flask holders. Seriously! If there's a garter that holds a flask, why not a garter that can hold tissues?

I can't relate on the snot issue, though my better half has this horrible problem with nose bleeds at random times. He could bend over to pick something up and get a nose bleed.

Maybe you could tuck some away in your fiance's pocket and grab one when you need it. I think that'd be easier than reaching up under your dress repeatedly. Well, that's assuming he has pockets.

Tayia said...

Okay, so I am stuffing my "something old" in my cleavage so it won't be seen (a hankie...not ever used as a hankie, but as a pretty thing.)It's not quite burried under my cleavage like I just made it sound. But tucked into the front of my bustier. You could stuff some in that area if you have room??? Put that cleavage to good use! Just a thought.

It might be difficult (not to mention awkward to explain) to reach up your skirt every time your nose acts up. Although the pics people get from those moments would be priceless!

What about one of those little wrist things I've seen brides with. It's like a hankie (or tissues...) under the wrist. That's a thought too.

I like the garter belt/tissue holder idea best. Now that I think about the pics you'll get. Especially if you end up needing one during the ceremony...

Dana said...

Why don't you get a pretty hanking. I know that will be gross later on once you are finished. I might be funny to pull a few out of your dress your fiance's pocket. Thanks for the congrats.

sammik said...

I don't have a runny nose very often, but I'm obsessive about having Kleenex too! I actually buy a super-giganto pack of them at Sam's Club every month, lol!

I'm giving the mothers little wedding-gown shaped hankies.

Largest Mixer said...
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megan said...

oh bless your little heart I totally didn't even think about this!!! I am a totally snot machine. And on top of that I have chronic asthma. I was thinking since I'm not carrying a bouquet that I'd find a small purse to keep my inhailor in, but then my bridesmaid reminded me that SHE will have a purse (that I bought her) and that I can keep whatever I want in her bag and she'll supply be with meds and now kleenex whenever i need them!

Guilty Secret said...

I know I probably sound like a stuck record, but you really crack me up! :-D