Monday, September 8, 2008

Interesting Dilemma

This weekend I got a call from my tall flower girl. Right out of the gate she asked me if she could get the deposit back on her dress.

I'm sure I turned all kinds of white and red colors as I tried to figure out why she wanted to know that (it didn't help that I was sick and really tired).

I squeaked out a "Why?" while trying to hold back images of everyone abanding this wedding like rats from a sinking ship.

Turns out she's found a blue dress that she absolutely loves and is on clearance and she'd rather wear that than the one sitting at the bridal shop.

I paused for a minute as I erased all the images of her not being able to make the wedding for a myriad of reasons, took a calming breath, then attempted to tackle this issue.

I will admit I did for a minute think, crap she can't change dresses. Her dress is green so it'll match with the other ring bearer and she has a blue basket to contrast her dress. Blah blah blah. Luckily none of that came out of my mouth and I realized that it doesn't really matter.

She still owes around $100 on her dress and she's been having second thoughts on it for a while now. Thanks to the bridal shoppe not knowing how to use size charts she got a dress that is just a bit too small. I think it's still within alterations range but this Thursday she scheduled a visit with their alterations lady to get an idea of what it would cost and if they could do anything.

My suggestion was that if she could if she had to return the blue dress go ahead and buy it, then bring it with her on Thursday. She could try on the old dress as well as the new one and see which she likes better.

I've seen so many brides that in waiting for their dress to come in suddenly decide they don't want it anymore and get something new, only to want to go back to the old idea. So at least trying on the old one once before abandoning all that money for the deposit was my thought.

I guess we'll see on Thursday. I already said that I'd go with her if I wasn't doing anything too important at work. Man I thought I was done with this whole dress thing.


Guilty Secret said...

Way to keep your cool :)

It'll work out just fine, you know.

Blablover5 said...

I just don't want her to stress so much about it.

I know there's been talk about her trying to diet down so she'll fit into it but that doesn't make me happy.

I'd rather she either just let them take it out or she gets the other dress.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap...shame on the Freshman...what will she come up with next?

Tayia said...

Good job going with the flow and not stressing. Stress is bad. I got one to top that though. One of my bridesmaids, a cousin who seems insistant to always compete with everyone and outshine, called me last week.

Her: "So I was thinking, can I just get a purple dress? Purple is kinda a fall color."

Me: "Well...purple isn't really in the wedding at all. You'd be the only purple thing there."

Her: "Oh *laughs* I guess I'll just stand out and be the lone purple bridesmaid."

Me: "...Yeah...ha ha."

All the bridesmaids agreed on brown. They got to decide what they wanted and agreed amongst them they'd wear brown with tan-ish shoes. Brown dresses, not purple.

ARGGG! I'm sorry to vent on your post. It just reminded me that I still need to figure out what I'm going to do. I can't write on mine on the off chance she'd read the darned thing.

Have you seen the new dress she likes? Maybe it will go perfect. Besides, you can't have enough blue.

Sarah said...

I forgot for a hot second that she was 21 not 4 and was confused as why she was calling you and not her mom. ha ooops

Blablover5 said...

It would have been much more interesting if it had been the 5 year old who was against wearing her dress and was demanding we all go for a fitting.

But considering her mom, not too far from the truth.