Monday, September 15, 2008

The Ugliest Unity Candle In Existence

Does anyone know how to get in touch with the Guiness record people cause I really think I've got the most garish and over the top unity candle (some may even go so far as to call it eye searing pain with accents of horror)?

My mother in her endless quest to make me pull my hair out decided to make the unity candle herself. And by make I mean get a perfectly acceptable white candle and then glued so much shit to it it looks like a holy relic from the gilded age.

We were hoping for something along the lines of this one, just with blue and green ribbon and didn't even really need our monogram on it. In other words simple.

Well my mother cannot for her life do simple, so instead she came up with this, this... Words cannot really describe it so without further ado: The Ugliest Unity Candle in Existence

At first we were thinking we'll just get our hands on it, wait a while for my mother to forget what it looks like and then peel all that stuff off and add some ribbon.

But now the more I look at it the more it feels to me like something from a Catholic church. Something up at the altar with the Eucharist and some saints bone. So for a nod to all the Catholics in the church I'm thinking we may keep it this way (it will just very quickly get "lost" after the wedding).

Also if we did try peeling all the stuff that was hot glued on we're not gonna have a candle left.


Guilty Secret said...

I agree, it looks very Catholic. So perhaps it's a blessing in disguise.

A pretty ugly disguise.

Jennifer said...

there are no words. I LOVED the etsy one you picked..this- not so much.

valerie said...

All I'm gonna say is... WHOA.

Anonymous said...

yeah . . . wow. I mean, maybe you could suggest that you guys try again, together.

Linda said...

Not the ugliest I've ever seen, but up there. I hope it's fixable or you lose it.

megan said...

i LOVE that your going to use this monstrosity. Years later you'll look back at the photos of it and just laugh your asses off. You guys are good sports.

Riley (aka Rachel) said...

But I thought you liked "scary" things??
Ha ha ha ha!! That is one ugly candle, sister. You're right - very Catholic looking indeed.