Friday, September 26, 2008

's all right in the box?

Yesterday I was calmly talking to my MOH about a few simple things. We talked about her trying on her wedding dress again, about how she's getting along with making a cookie monster costume for her son, and if she's done anything to the wig we found (got to add some cool racing stripes).

All fairly regular conversation if you ignore the fact that it's all related to my wedding. Having a Halloween reception means there are a few things we have to think of normal wedding planners don't. Like say our costume box.

Since we're sure that not everyone will remember to bring a costume or want to cart one around we were thinking about making a costume prop box. We have some things but I am not all that sure what other simple (ie cheap) pieces we should get so that people can make their own costumes.

Here's what we do have:
  • One witches hat
  • One bums hat
  • 5 different colored lone ranger type masks
  • One set of angel wings
  • A set of glow in the dark skeleton gloves
  • A kids sized dinosaur costume
  • A large blue robe (made from a graduation robe)
  • Some white and black makeup

And that's about it. So what, if you were gonna have to make a costume up quick, would you want to find in there?


psuklinkie said...

Awesome idea!
A few suggestions:
Choose a few simple costumes and gather all the basic necessities. For instance, a pirate costume takes 1 pirate hat, 1 eye patch, 1 bandana, and 1 optional parrot. A vampire is just a teeth insert, white makeup, and a little tube of red lipstick (for the all-important dripping blood). Doctors and mad scientists are also pretty easy: white lab coat, toy stethoscope, and optional beakers.
I hope these ideas help!

Riley (aka Rachel) said...

I think you need some red lipstick, definitely (maybe a couple tubes). And some eye-patches. Maybe a cowboy hat? Dracula teeth, a cheap wig or two, bandanas, sunglasses...

This is going to be such a fun party!

Heather said...

Fake moustaches are usually a hit among a group of people. Also glasses. It's amazing what people will come up with with those two things. An easy idea is the accessories one would need to be in Clue (smoking pipe for Mr. Plum, hat for Col. Mustard, lipstick and cigarette extension thingy for Miss Scarlet, etc) if you think these people will come dressed up but without a costume, use what they're already starting with and add acessories!