Saturday, September 27, 2008

When meat attacks!

Right around Labor Day I get really excited seeing all the Halloween stuff coming out even the advertisements. You know, the local costume shop puts up a big picture of Dracula, a decor store has a Grim Reaper, and Target has a piece of meatloaf with a mouth.

Wait? A meatloaf with a mouth?
Meet Domo, the break dancing meatloaf (does not really break dance)

So thanks to my guys nerdy research it turns out this piece of animal flesh mixed with some breadcrumbs and baked in loaf form is actually a Japanese TV "star" called Domo.

But, um, what the hell does it have to do with Halloween?

It's sad, just walking into a store you find a huge picture of the loaf asking you to trust his decisions when it comes to party planning. Apparently pieces of meat really know how to decorate and are experts at picking paper plates with skeleton pictures on them.

If you don't believe me just check out Target's website.

Why Target? What made you think that your little mascot is more terrifying than a witch that could put the evil eye on you, a vampire that can seduce you into giving him all your life fluid, or Frankenstein's monster that toys with the idea of life and death as well as how far science can go in playing God (in reality not very).

Instead you have a little piece of meat that as soon as you pull it out of the oven it'll jump across your plate and using it's sharp teeth wax and wane about the best curtains for your space and how to expand the space with mirrors.

Actually, that is the scariest thing since wolfman teamed up with the mummy and formed a biker gang.

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Tayia said...

I'll never look at meatloaf the same way again. I'm going to picture it with a giant mouth hopping up and chasing me.

Thanks for the tag! It was lots of fun!