Thursday, September 25, 2008

For the parents

I've been such a debbie downer lately I thought I should talk about something just about everyone gets excited about, gifts.

More specifically parents gifts (okay so no one gets really excited about having to choose those).

We've all got really hard parents to buy for, so I used my powers of turning hobbies and interests into keywords and then let do all the work.

My mother was the only one I didn't get anything from etsy from and alas hers is already wrapped so no pictures. But just think of a simple gold locket with some flowers on the front. That's the gist of it.

For my Mother in Law, I at first wanted to get her a locket too thinking it was a pretty simple and safe jewelry hunt. Well in doing that I came across this charm bracelet from Mermaid Treasures.

Not only is she really big into the Renaissance, red is also her favorite color. So after my fiance thought and thought (he's a bit of a double or triple over thinker) he decided that yes she would wear it and we snapped it up.

I already talked about my Dad's and his really cool lab watercolor but I love seeing puppies so here it is again.

The last one, my father in law, we just got done this weekend. He's kinda like my Dad (and most guys) doesn't really have anything he wants (or if he does buys it himself) doesn't have anything he collects or any hobbies.

Well except for one. He's really big into collecting license plates. They have a huge wall of them downstairs. So I in a random mood typed in Michigan State (his alma matter) and while I didn't find anything green and white I cared for I did come across this (well not exactly this, I don't have a picture of the Michigan one).

It's a license plate that's turned into a simple photo album from Tagliatela. It's weird seeing a testosterone filled photo albume. So he can keep some simple wedding photos in a bicentennical Michigan plate.

I know these gifts won't help anyone else as they are just too specific and geared towards one audience (I don't really get the license plate thing myself) but I hope I have at least encouraged some of you to look past the whole personalized frame from a wedding store or just using etsy for jewelry.

It's bloody amazing the stuff they have there.

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Riley (aka Rachel) said...

I'll agree with you - Etsy is just amazing!!! It's so easy to spend hours upon hours there looking at all the cool stuff!

I need to start thinking of parents' gifts soon....