Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The wedding night

It seems pretty typical for those who are planning a wedding to put a lot of thought into their wedding night, and while I have looked into the more typical stuff (it really isn't fair, there needs to be more lingerie options for guys damn it!) there is one thing we've both agreed just isn't worth it.

We're spending our wedding night in our bed in our apartment (as opposed to our bed out on the lawn).

I could say that it's just to save money for our rockin' honeymoon in exotic Minnesota but that isn't really why. It's the same reason we're both spending the night before the wedding (let's just call it wedding eve) together in our bed. There's no way we'd get any sleep in a new place.

I am terrible whenever I go anywhere new. I just can't sleep the first night (after that I'm fine), I spend most of the night up tossing and turning. Well my guy is generally the same way. And ever since we finished the long distance thing we've only spent one night apart and we were both up til 3 in the morning (yes I am pathetically sad and can't sleep without him).

Besides we're already planning on spending most of the day together so does it really matter if we spend the night sleeping next to each other? I'd much rather wake up the day of our wedding next to my fiance than in some strange room I barely slept in.

How about the rest of you? Is anyone else forgoing the bridal suite in favor of sleeping in their own bed (or at least has my same problem)?

P.S. Lego Batman Rules! It's huge! A lot more like Lego Star Wars. We played for about 3-4 hours last night and just got through one and a half levels on hero. There's still all the ones for Villain and all the free plays.

But I am tired of always having to use the magnetic suit. Stupid robin.


AmyJean said...

I definitely would if "home" was anywhere close by! There is something sweet about spending your wedding night in "our bed"... and also with ease to which you fall asleep too!

Linda said...

Regarding the picture on my blog. I believe both pictures were of alligator skulls.

LiveLaughLove1105 said...

We still have a long way to go before our wedding, but FH and I have already brought this discussion up a few times. We would rather spend the night before the wedding together, but we still like the little tradition that says you shouldn't see eachother before the wedding. That will all probably go to hell and we'll end up in bed together the night before.

DeadmansLog said...


Best Lego game yet.

I caved; we beat the first chapter. It was great!

Also - I haven't even started thinking about sleeping arrangements.

Guilty Secret said...

I'll be sleeping in our bed the eve of the wedding, but probably chucking him out to go stay at his mums, unless he doesn't want to, in which case we'll wake up together at home. The night of the wedding we get a free room at the hotel so we'll sleep there. Each to his own, I say, do what you want, not what people say you should.

Riley (aka Rachel) said...

I've been strongly considering staying at home the night of. To save money!
The only thing is, we may go out drinking afterwards, and the wedding/reception is about 20- 30 minutes away. Staying close would make it easy.

I wouldn't mind him staying with me the night before!! But he's being super superstitious and doesn't want to !!

valerie said...

The husband (whoa, weird to say) and I stayed in our bed together the night before our wedding. There were about ten other people in our house too. It was like a big sleepover!!

We did stay in a hotel room the night of our wedding, mostly because my father-in-law paid for it and while we desperately wanted to sleep after the wedding, the people at our house partied all night long. So it worked out for the best. :)

Whatever you decide to do, don't let anyone talk you out of it or guilt you about it. We had a lot of people scoff about us spending the night together, even seeing each other before the wedding.

Miss X said...

We stayed in a hotel for our wedding night only because I didn't want to come home to our messy house. I knew I wouldn't have anytime for cleaning the week of the wedding, and there would be last minute craft stuff everywhere...I was right. Anyway, we aren't going on a honeymoon (sigh), so I guess that was our splurge.