Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Which would you wear?

Okay lets assume you're a guy. Better, you're a groom. (Scary, no? Now you have no control over the wedding)

I'll wait while you adjust and get used to wearing boxers.

Got the male mentality going on? Good.

Which of these two boutonnieres would you rather wear?



I made one and my mother the other (I won't say who made which to influence you). My Mom made everyone's various corsages and bouts so one of these match everyones while the other I snipped a flower off of my bouquet and used that to make it.

It was pretty entertaining for my guy as I kept running back and forth to see if the thing was gonna fit or not while he killed Dracula or his minions or something. Not to mention all the hot glue I got everywhere.

I know that my skill with flowers is next to null so I'm not sure which one looks better in the end. But my mothers sense of style is a bit over the top (wait til I get some pictures of her version of our unity candle).

I could just let him pick whatever one he wants to wear but I think he's officially "just staying out of it" so I ask you fellow bloggers and blog lurkers what one would you as a guy rather wear?


hwong14 said...

i like #2, but with a little less of the little white flowers (you have them on both the right and left side of the bout, but you only need them on one side -- probably the right if you're looking at it).

Linda said...

I'd go with 2. But if I was guy, I'd say I dunno babe, whatever.

Skywalker said...

As I guy, I would say "I don't know" but since thank goodness I'm not I say #2 with less flowers

megan said...

i gotta say #2 w less little white flowers also.

Jennifer said...

Number two with the white flowers toned down (scratches self) a bit.

Guilty Secret said...

Okay lets assume you're a guy. Better, you're a groom. (Scary, no? Now you have no control over the wedding)

*cracking up*

Okay, so I'm clearly out-voted but I'd say no.1. It reminds me of a rosette which says 'winner' and my boy self (boxers and all) finds that appealing.

professional daydreamer said...

number one minus the bow.

Skeeta25 said...

#2 is more modern, thats why I like it. But I'll guess thats yours since you got it from your bouquet?