Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Getting into Bridezilla mode

Okay, so what's my motivation?

"It's your wedding day. You've just found out that your caterer has locked himself in the bathroom and refuses to come out, the minister is stranded at the airport (no one knows what he was doing at the airport), your mother is demanding that you change everything about the wedding right this second, all of your groomsmen are on a beer run two counties over, your wedding cake looks like a small dog was sitting on it, the photographer has taken a vow of silence and denounced the art of photography as Satanical, and your fiance's tux doesn't fit so everyone is thinking about heading to Steve & Barrys to get those tux t-shirts.

And go."

* For those who don't read all my previous entries, this was all a joke as I get into the mode for my costume for the reception.


Jennifer said...

Send me your address so I can send you your goody! noggyn at yahoo dot com

Veronica said...

Unleash your inner Bridezilla! I believe you have been provoked ;o) Well,at least I would in the privacy of my own bathroom.

Skywalker said...

Did you dream this or did this happen. Wow - you have some issues - not bad but some to overcome.

I say let out the inner zilla only when absolutely necessary. Always be gracious and firm but still let it out when warranted.