Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A plea for help

We've been really good about getting a lot of our craft projects done early (sometimes insanely super early). But there is one thing that we cannot do early at all, the centerpieces.

The plan all along has been to use pumpkins and then put candy somewhere. Well at some point my mother decided that she just had to get us some cute fall baskets that we can put on the tables.

So now we have pumpkins and baskets, okay but what about candy? Lots of people love Halloween just for the candy. Thanks to that idea we have about 10 lbs of candy sitting in our box of wedding shit.

Oh but you have to have mood lighting too so my mother went and got some votive candles.

So now we have pumpkins (which we get free and won't see til the day of), fall baskets, tons of candy, and some candles. I have no idea how to combine these things together at all.

So I beseech you wedding crafting brides, what would you do with this pile to make something cool or at least passable as a centerpiece?


Tayia said...

You'd never guess what our centerpieces are. Pumpkins, baskets, and candy. Ha! Great minds think alike! We aren't using candles though. It has been brought up many times but with all the little kids that will be there and my pyro family who insists on burning things if there is fire anywhere close...candles just weren't a good idea.

Well, I plan on putting the pumpkins as the main pretty with some ribbon on the stems. I'm a fan of ribbon. Then the baskets will be set next to them. We are going to wrap handfulls of candy in tulle and put it in the baskets that way. I am so not looking forward to that project. We haven't bought our candy yet so I have yet to begin wrapping it all. We also have maple leaves that are going to be scattered on the tables.

For the most part I'm just winging it. I have stuff, we'll see how it comes together on the rehearsal dinner day.

Linda said...

Any chance of doing a candy buffet rather than having the baskets on the table? I like a pumpkin and a couple of candles around it. Depending the sizes of things I think the baskets of candy might be cluttering the table.

DeadmansLog said...

Agreed that baskets+pumpkins on the table seems a little - err - much. Without seeing them and judging sizes I can't be sure of that.

You're really not getting the pumpkins until day of? I was going to recommend doing something martha stewarty, like her 'treat bowl' idea to display the candy in the pumpkins:

Jack O Lantern Pumpkin Bowl

Pumpkin Lollipop Holder

...is it too late to take the baskets back? Or use them on a candy table? ... you could always just place the pumpkins as centerpieces, decorate further with the votives, and use smaller candies scattered on the table (kind of like confetti).

...also, your Mom sounds like my Mom. She means well and some of her ideas are great - but mostly she goes a little overboard (usually without considering my opinion).

megan said...

what about... filling the baskets with the candy and then setting the candle in amongst the candy in the middle of the basket? And I'm totally blanking on what to do with the pumpkins... use them as decoration around the reception site?
I don't know.

Skywalker said...

Not the most original but

Carve pumpkins

Place candles in pumpkins - they are going to smell great when heated too. I hope so.

Candy in baskets as a treat. Or candy as party favors?

You don't need that much candy - you end up like me and just eat it due to stress.

Riley (aka Rachel) said...

Damn it!!
I have been craving Halloween candy for like 2 weeks now, and have been very good at not eating it! However, I am caving....

I'd definitely put the candy in the baskets... whether or not you want to wrap them in bags yourself, or just provide empty bags that the people can fill themselves is up to you. I like the idea of pumpkins and candles as the centerpieces... if you have a long table, you could also put the baskets on there too. Otherwise, you may just set them out and about around your reception.

If you could rig it, it would be cool to have the baskets of candy kind of "floating" somewhere. Not sure how you'd do that, though!!
Or, oooooooo!!! HOW COOL would it be if you could somehow get the candles to "float" - like in "HARRY POTTER"??? Once again, have no clue how you'd accomplish that. Sorry, I'm a font of ideas without any know-how...

Mrs. in May said...

I third the idea of having a candy bar and using the baskets for that. Pumpkins are definitely great centerpieces, I would go to Micheals or some place like that and get some sort of foliage garland, sort of fluff it up and place the pumpkin on top of that with candles scattered around the table. This way it is centerpiece like and not just a pumpkin on a table, dress it up! If you are not going to do a candy bar, I am definitely blanking on the baskets but if you need another place for the candy you could make little favor bags for each place setting in like a tulle bag, it would be really easy and look great on the tables.