Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Quotes are back!

When I was in highschool I had a very interesting friend who every day would pull out a stack of papers and designate a special quote just for that day. They could be from any walk of life, from someone world famous or completely anonymous all that mattered is that they made us giggle a bit.

She called them Happy Quotes.

Sadly I have since lost contact with her (so Jessica if you're out there and actually reading this Hi!) but in college I started my own version of Happy Quotes. Every day on my white board outside my door in the dorms I would write a new quote for the day.

As I was strategically placed right across from the bathroom my board was prime reading material for everyone. They became a hit and lasted about two years before I sadly got a bit busy (college will do that) and was running out of quotes.

But after taking a 6 year hiatus I think it's time to dig the Happy Quotes out of mothballs and proudly display them once again for a new set of eyeballs. I thought this incongruous Oscar Wilde quote was a good start.

So now you have another reason to visit this blog as every day up in the top left corner I shall display the new Happy Quote.

Long Live Happy Quotes!


Linda said...

Awesome. Great idea!

Rachel said...

Cool idea!!!
Oh, and LOL!! I do think it's a Bitter Beer face!!! She printed out and cut out pictures to paste on normal cards. I was wondering where I'd seen that old guy before!