Monday, February 16, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 75

Every Sunday I am faced with a life altering decision.

Just what the hell are we going to have for dinner this week?

While my husband has very few qualms with helping me to prepare dishes or even wash them afterwards he is just not a decision guy. I'm pretty sure he just married me so I could tell him when he has to turn left or we need milk (I kid of course, but really it's amazing how quickly one can give up total control of ones life if they so choose).

So in my times of confusion I turn to our large meat receptacle known as the freezer:

Ignore the two pints of Thin Mint ice cream, I am stock piling for the horrific day when the stores pull it once again for a whole year.

Aside from the lovely supply of ice cream, you can see we have just piles upon piles of stuff. There's a whole chicken, some Sole, hamburger, and a pork loin we sliced up. The only thing tying all that together is one word "Special."

Every week when we go to get our groceries we always walk by the meat counter looking for friendly little yellow or orange stickers proclaiming something "special." What makes these so great is that something that once cost say $10 (like the whole chicken) is now just $3. They're practically begging you to take it away.

Typically the meat that is marked down is just due to them receiving and processing far too much and having to get rid of it. A quick freeze and it's just fine past its "Sell by Date." Another thing to look for is something called a dark cutter.

Due to a poor gas balance beef will get this dark almost bruised look, only there is nothing wrong with it. If anything dark cutters are known to be more tender. They are just marked down because they are not as appealing to the consumers eye which expects bright red meat.

So in these belt tightening times I'll be checking out the meat counter more and more for great deals on the ol' meat counter, especially after holidays when they are going to have lots of extras.
But, really, this whole post was just to tell you get out there and get some Thin Mint ice cream! It'll be gone in less than 14 days!

P.S. If lab doesn't kill me today I'll tell you later what discoveries we made on Val day.


Lindsey said...

Thin Mint Ice Cream will be gone?! What!? This is so sad!!

Chesney said...

The ice cream looks the best LOL! You are so good - my freezer is pretty empty (except for pizza rolls and frozen pizza)!!

Anonymous said...

That's a really good idea - getting meat only when it is on sale/special. I wonder if my grocery store does the same?

(Alas, I cannot join in the thin mint love because I've never seen it before in my life.)

Linda said...

You are lucky to have such a large freezer. Ours is tiny! We too are purchasing whatever's on sale!

Leslie said...

I want your ice cream! I can't find it up here!!