Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 77

I am no decorator.

Ah feels good to get that off my chest. All these other newlywed blogs have gorgeous pictures of either what their home already looks like or what they plan on doing. About the only thing I know is that we're gonna have a lot of blue because I gravitate towards that color like an ant to spilled cola.

However, if like me you are no decorator and have accepted that then I have some great anti-decorating advice.

First, color schemes don't matter at all. Furniture should be purchased based only upon comfiness and cost. The uglier the better because you're more likely to get a great deal. And wood varnish should never ever match. That's just too boring to the eye.

Second, paint is your enemy. It's also a real pain to get from the can to the wall. So just skip it entirely, whitewash your walls and call it good. Dents are sexy I think.

Third, get a ton of random crap and put it on every available surface. Kinda like our entertainment center. Which is also the focus of today's PAD.

Anyone remember those I Spy books? I thought it might be fun to play that little game with our mantle piece. In the below picture can you spot Three squirrels enjoying tea? A Lego Monkey? A string of Christmas Lights? Lego of Anubis? The Cutest little polar bear ever? A skeleton Army?
Okay how about this picture. Can anyone spot the Merc with the Mouth inside the hungry hungry hippo? The pig in a skeleton costume? The drunk Transformer? The small statue of a wisecracking robot? A topper to a cake? The almost Godfather like chicken? A team of skeleton horses?
And this is the end of our little spying. Do you see a young chimpanzee? A fair Arthurian knight? A pair of angels wings? A red and white Triceratops? The Punisher about to shoot the monkey in the back?

And finally do you see Tom Servo dressed as Death? Can you believe I still haven't taken his costume off from Halloween? Do you think there's any chance I'll take it off before Halloween (I wouldn't be on it)?
I may or may not have a story for everything that's up there but I don't want to bore you with them all unless you're really curious.

Instead I thought we should all just sit back and absorb the pure insanity that is our entertainment center.

Ah, the perfect example of anti-decor.

Next week on our show I'll show you the best place for socks (you'll be very surprised) and how to not clean and press curtains (the trick is to refuse to look at them, ever) on the Anti-Decorator.


Leslie said...

I can't wait to ask your advice if I ever get out of the dump of a house that I'm living in now!!

Chesney said...

You earned my smile of the day!! Very funny!!!

Linda said...

I love it. I hope we get to spend more time with your toys (and I mean that in the nicest way possible). When we get a bigger place, Tai told me he's going to build a D&D village. But I plan to add my own toys to his land. Think he'll let me?

Rachel said...

You definitely made me giggle! But I have to be honest, all of your little toys would drive me nuts! Of course, I'm just not a knick-nack-y person.
But as long as it makes you guys happy, that's all that matters! ;-)

AmyJean said...

I love that last photo... is that legos?