Friday, February 20, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 79

Winter, it's time we had a little talk.

Here have a cup of cocoa, I even put a few ice cubes in there for you.

I realize that you have enjoyed this year so far. We've had more than our fair share of ice laden mornings, oh and that snow storm you dumped around Christmas when everyone was trying to travel sure was funny. Ha ha ha.
But really, we're all starting to get a bit tired of the act.

I think it's time you stepped back a bit. Now you don't have to retire completely. We can still fit you in for some early morning frosts, a random small snow shower, oh and I hear the Johnsons are looking for entertainment at their kids birthday party.
Yes yes I know, it's only February. Traditionally we've still got March and some of April to fight you off, but a person can only take so much before they must take action.Try to not think of this as us giving you a pink slip. It's a bit more complicated than that. We just think you'd blossom more doing some freelance work. Check out the arctic circle during most of the year, keep them busy down at the South Pole. You can always visit for Christmas and New Years.If you have your desk cleared out and all your snow collected by Mid March then we may be able to squeeze you in for a little April freeze.

So long Mr. Winter. Much luck in your next endeavours.
Bring in the next Candidate!Ah Ms. Spring. So nice to make your acquaintance. Yes we may have an opening for you to fill. What are your thoughts on May flowers and April showers?


Anonymous said...

Haha! Poor Mr. Winter is being rejected.

For some reason, the ice on your windshield reminded me of the water that dripped off our eaves trough (the pipe to drain it was frozen) and froze our front step and mat. Yes, our mat is frozen in ice on our front step. It makes it a lot of fun when you step out the door unawares.

I personally wouldn't mind some more snow over here because it's so depressing when everything is brown. I also don't want this year to be another drought year.

Linda said...

I've been waking up to frost on my car for the past couple of mornings. Not happy at all. Looking forward to frost free mornings!

Chesney said...

I have spring fever BAD and you just made it worse! LOL