Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm a Deviant

This painting thing that started as a whim is, I fear, slowly morphing into a weird obsession.

And so many people, both on-line and in real life, keep encouraging me. In fact it's gotten so bad I was even asked to join an art website.

It's kinda cool actually, you can upload anything from photographs to drawings to traditional oil paintings to show off. And if you so desire you can also offer the ability for anyone to buy a print of your picture.

That's right, for a low fee you could yourself have a print of say Napping Puppy or Blue Winter (I keep calling everything blue this, blue that. I really need to hire someone just to name these things). Or if there is a painting of mine you just fall madly in love with I really wouldn't have any qualms giving it away (except for the invisible people, I'm going to hang those one of these days).

Even though I've posted every picture so far on my blog here's my little gallery page. And really if you have any art flapping about and want to make a page tell me about it. I'd love to follow you or whatever it is they call it there.


Anonymous said...

That's neat! Good for you for starting your own gallery!

What's on deck to paint next?

AmyJean said...

It's only proper that a person with talent show off such talent... otherwise, it'd be a waste! Good for you... i think its awesome you are pursuing this as a hobby and for more :)

Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought about joining a local art club?

Anonymous said...

BTW...My new link is http://atypical-bride.blogspot.com :D

Linda said...


Sandy Toes said...

Very nice!
-sandy toe