Friday, February 27, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 86

Indulge me a moment as I make you all incredibly jealous.

For you see, I have purchased that creme de la creme of cookies. So rare it can only be found once a month and then it's gone, like a mist in the night. And at $3.50 a box for oh like 10 cookies they had better be the best in the world.

Curiosity runs through your veins I can tell. Well feast your eyes upon these.

Heaven help me, but I was a Girl Scout once (and by once I mean for about 5-6 years). It was not a fun experience.

One year the leader clearly had it out for me as she'd single me out to reprimand me for the smallest or most made up things and make me go sit off by myself, another was so lazy we'd basically just play Red Rover the whole time and then go home.

To pour salt into the wound my father was involved with the Boy Scouts at the time so I got to witness all of the cool stuff they got to do, like rappelling, learning how to start a fire, archery, camping. While we sat in a little run down building making recycled paper. Woo-bloody-hoo.

And oh those cookies, if you sold 1,000 boxes you may get something neat like a cap. But you'd better be bringing in some serious dough, we're talking drug runner money, before you'll get anything really fun and useful like a trip or a bike or a t-shirt.

I gave up shilling when I hung up my green sash (yeah I made it all the way to Junior) and have not sold or peddled a thing since. No candles for a band trip, no ad space for Block & Bridle. I just can't take that horrible slimy feeling you get wandering through a neighborhood in the dead of winter knocking on peoples doors knowing that they're inside doing their best to hide from you

But it's still hard to give up that cookie crack and feeling for the poor things I guess I'm willing to shell out $7.00 for a couple boxes if only so they don't lose their toes battling to each door in January.

Was anyone else a Girl Scout? Did you have to sell your soul for a few boxes of Tagalongs or Samoas? Better yet, anyone remember when those things only used to cost $2.50 a box?


EthidiumBromide said...

I was a Girl Scout for most of my life, but we spent most of our time camping, hiking, white water rafting, climbing, taking outdoor survival courses, things of that nature. I always enjoyed it. And if selling cookies meant that I got to go white water rafting for two weeks every summer, then bring it on.

Though, we obviously had way different cookie selling standards. I NEVER sold anywhere near thousands of boxes. You only had to sell 100 boxes to get a t-shirt. I would sell maybe 500 and started earning "cookie dough" towards paying off our summer white water rafting trips.

I enjoyed it. *shrug* I'd be content some day if I had a kid who wanted to do it -- some of my favorite adventures growing up involved camping trips through Girl Scouts.

withoutadornment said...

I was a girl guide (British/Canadian version of Girl Scouts) for about 7 years of my life. Once I got to junior high (grade 7) I quit. I hated selling cookies - the older you got the harder it was because people really only want to buy things from the cute little spark or brownie that is so cold but trying so hard.

I did some relatively interesting things as a girl guide - we went camping a lot. But I sucked at getting badges because they generally took more effort than the night before. But when my brother went through scouts, I was a bit jealous, too. They did such neat and useful things!

Chesney said...

I was a girl scout, and I can beat you - I remember when they were $2.00 a box. (I have age over you) LOL! Thin mints are my favorites - we just tried the ice cream and it is to die for!! :)

Jenna said...

I don't even think they had girl scouts in my tiny town. I'm kind of bummed the girls haven't come around to my door, I would have taken a few boxes off of their hands.

Linda said...

I hated shilling those cookies when I was a brownie. I don't even think I made to girl scout! My folks usually bought my share and gave them to friends and coworkers.
I buy them from a friend of mine who's daughter is a scout. She can always count on my order. I love me some expensive girl scout cookies!

Tina <3 said...

I bought thin mints as well about a week ago. I was happy with the 3.50 price tag until i also bought the peanut butter patties and realized you get about half of them verses the amount you get of the thin mints. Anyway i am dying to see pics of your wedding dress that you painted. Please post.