Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Weather weather go away

Yesterday was a very strange day. The morning was completely calm with little to no wind:
But then the wind picked up and with it went any resemblance I had to a normal and sane being. The clouds converged and went from dark and black to nonexistence and bright blue and back again. My head was throbbing the whole day and I had not even the energy to crawl upstairs to the lab.

I fear I may have left strange and cryptic remarks all throughout the day. I think there may have even been something about evil flowers and I'm sure pie was in there somewhere.
I was so ecstatic when we could finally leave to go home so I could rest, but I was met by these foreboding clouds.
I like this lone tree image with the clouds. I think I need to try painting it, only without the fence.
One last ray of hope?
Lucky for me once I was home the pressure seemed to stop fluctuating (even though the wind was still howling at a good 40 mph) and I could get my head back on straight.

Sometimes I hate being affected by the weather so readily. Major changes in pressure all but put me out of commission for the day and I cling to the hope that it'll soon mellow out so I can get something done.

Is anyone else adversely affected by weather? What do you do to help? Why do clouds take such pretty pictures sometimes?


Chesney said...

Wasn't the sky gorgeous last night - our clouds looked the same here in Omaha and I got some cool pics of the sun rays coming thru the dark clouds - Too bad for all that wind though!!

Anonymous said...

I am sometimes affected by changing weather patterns - which is kind of unfortunate because the pressure here changes are quite sudden and frequent. I find drinking lots of water and sometimes having an advil or two helps.

That tree is really pretty - I think it would make a great painting!

Jennifer said...

I had no idea how badly the Kansas weather bothered me until I moved to Arizona. During Kansas springs I would have at least a migraine a week- now, I get them a few times a year! Pressure still gets to me, although the desert provides few opportunities for pressure systems and tornadoes.