Friday, February 27, 2009

Taxation without Representation!

I've recently had to bite the bullet and head to the DMV to do the dreaded title change over and registering my hunk of a car (I mean that more in the immovable lump of metal hunk and not the piece of beefcake type).

It wasn't too bad, luckily the person helping me was married and did all the name change stuff with a carefree manner and a flick of the wrist. Then it came time to pay and I saw this stupid little tax tacked on: A wheel tax? And not only that but it's a $50 wheel tax.

I'm sorry but the last I checked my car only had 4 wheels, not 5. So what, are they taxing the spare in my trunk too? I wonder if unicyclists only have to pay $10 to ride around on the gold streets in this county (at least you'd think they'd be paved with gold for what they charge a wheel to paddle around on it).

Yes it actually cost more for that one tax than all the other fees to license and register my car including new plates. To hell with it, I'm getting myself a camel. Try and get a wheel tax on him.

I'm also becoming a touch more serious about the Etsy shop idea and I made myself a little banner. Click on it for the actual size picture.What do you think? Too much blue? Probably too much blue.


Chesney said...

You could always register your car in South Dakota - LOL! Aren't our taxes the worst??

I love your banner - I like all the blue, I think it pulls the eye in and is very calming!

withoutadornment said...

I've never heard of a wheel tax. But that's unfortunate.

I like your banner, especially the paint glob on the left. I just maybe wouldn't but the two white paintings next to each other. (ie. the snow landscape and the white water creek.)