Saturday, February 7, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 66

My department is one food loving group.

Even though we were really behind the times yesterday we all got together to celebrate Chinese New Year.And just how do a bunch of slightly bored and hungry lab monkeys celebrate? Why a pot luck of course.

This is the first lab department I've ever been in that's been so pot luck heavy. We had a huge one for Christmas but then just last week there was a Chili/soup one. I'm half expecting we'll have a St. Patricks day lunch as well as a Pasta one and then one to celebrate the first day of spring.

We always get quite an amazing spread too.If there is one thing I have learned from my years of college and the like it's that if the word food is preceded by free in anyway make sure to show up about 20 minutes early and start your own line. Suddenly you'll see people you've never seen before salivating at all the tasty dishes plate in hand.

This was my haul and I didn't even come close to sampling everything.
The only bad thing about having a department that is crazy about getting together every chance they can to share food? I have no good pot luck recipes. There are very few things I make in large quantities that can also easily be heated up in a microwave.

In fact all I've been able to come up with so far was a basket full of candy for Halloween (guess where that came from, he he he) some cookies for Christmas and then a dip for this latest one. Does anyone have any amazing and perfect pot luck food ideas I could maybe borrow?

My only experience with pot lucks was my parents stopping by KFC to pick up a bucket of chicken. I like to think I can be a touch more creative than that (how about a bucket of chicken from Popeyes).

Does anyone elses place of work go as crazy about the holidays? Or is it at least an excuse to get together and have some food?


withoutadornment said...

I usually bring a salad or dessert to potluck things. (So it means that I can at least eat something.) A favourite salad of my family's to bring is: mix some spinach and lettuce in a big bowl. Add some avocados, mandrin oranges and sunflower seeds. Create a dressing out of oil, vinegar, mustard powder and whatever other spices strike your fancy. Toss the salad in the dressing before serving. Enjoy!

My work doesn't really do potluck type things - probably because it's an oil company :P

Linda said...

I suck at potlucks. I don't have something I can bring in large quantities. Once at work we had soup and bread day. We brought crockpots in and made various soups. Plus we had 2 breadmakers making fresh bread. So yummy!

Chesney said...

I am a Realtor, and everyone knows where there is free food there are Realtors - LOL! Unfortunately, our office does this at least once a week - who needs a holiday!! :)

Lindsey said...

Your blog makes me hungry, haha!

Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said...

looks yummy!

Christy said...

My family ALWAYS takes a taco dip, because it's easy to make and deliciouly yummy! Let me know if you want the (simple) recipe!