Sunday, February 15, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 74

Oh my goodness, is that really them?

Are they really showing their faces?Excuse me Mr. and Mrs. Goose I have a few questions for you. Is it true that you were actually planning on faking your migration this year so you could us all the donations from WWF to buy yourself a big screen TV and charter a plane to fly you down to Acapulco?

What has become of your hatchlings? Why don't you bring them out in public anymore?
Sir, what kind of a relationship are you having with that wood duck? Why did the mallard say he hopes you break a wing?

Just how much do you spend each month on cosmetics to dye your neck black, ma'am?You can't hide behind your lawyer forever. Soon the truth will come out about you and then what will you do?

Freedom of the press! Freedom of the photographer! Freedom of the blogger!Where? Where are you going?

Fine, fine just walk away. I'll get you again when you come back in a few days to munch on some more seed grass and reeds.


melissa said...

You crack me up.

It does look like you got a good bit of snow. But knowing NE it could all be gone by next weekend.

Linda said...

People out here hate Canadian Geese. They were a real bother about 10 years ago. People were shooting them. I don't know if they put a stop to that. I haven't seen that many this winter.

Lindsey said...

Haha! You make me laugh!

Anonymous said...

I have to admit that I am also not a fan of Canadian Geese. They're MEAN. One day I was happily riding my bike by the river and a good tried to stick it's beak in my spokes. They also make deposits all over golf courses, which is really gross when you either step on it or it is on your ball. Bleh.

They haven't come back up here yet. Meybe it means that you're going to have a warm last of winter/beginning of spring?

Chesney said...

What a gorgeous series of pictures! I think geese are beautiful (from a distance)!