Monday, February 2, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 61

Did you know that last night there was some sort of sporting field event? Apparently a small bird and a metal alloy planned to fight to see who was the best at moving a small cow bladder.

You'd think the bird would have the advantage what with it being able to fly but if there's one thing Monty Python has taught us it's that a 5 ounce bird cannot carry a one pound coconut (I assume this ball weighs about the same).

Who knew that such festivities would grow up around the battle of two icons? I fear to see the Catholic version, say Saint Agatha vs Saint Francis of Assisi.

But we decided to join in the celebration last night along with countless millions (though I'm sure the NFL would love to know that number and possibly sell a few first borns to get it). Not so much in the huge party with all our friends but more in a quiet reflective snarky take on the action on the field (we generally ignored the commercials as they were just horrible this year. Only one made me even giggle but that's mostly because I always secretly wanted a komodo dragon to sick on solicitors).

Sadly, I cannot show off pictures of us commenting on all the dirty moves or some of the gobsmacking plays (plus I think the NFL will pull out my fingernails if I do talk about it). So, here is the food we prepared to settle into a night of football where we really didn't give a crap about either team.
We were all set for the first quarter with our hot wings on one plate as well as a cheese platter complete with some baybel, a few of chedder, and brie mixed with cranberries and cinnamon (there also appear to be some pepperoni on there, I think my husband got a few wires crossed).
For the second quarter we'd moved on to some new homemade sausage. Yeah my husband celebrated his man weekend the only way he knew how: grinding up pork shoulder and stuffing it into a casing. These did taste a ton better than the first batch, but isn't that always the way it is with the first of anything.
To get through the Bosses half time show (boy does he look rough in HD, like someone left a piece of leather out in the desert for a few weeks) we looked to a fast turning February classic: Thin Mint ice cream.

If you have any small (or large) love affair with those $3.50 a box girl scout cookies you have to get this ice cream. Not only is it a nice and creamy chocolate there are huge chunks of the thin mint cookies mixed in. I always preferred thin mints straight out of the freezer so this is the perfect combo. There is also a Samoa version for anyone who likes coconut out there.

And that was how we got through this thing called a Super Bowl. How about the rest of you? Did you get into it or just sort of stay in and ignore it?

Did you really think that any commercials were worth it?


Anonymous said...

I didn't watch the super bowl and since I'm in Canada, I don't get to see any of the neat American commercials. So, they're really no point in me watching it as I'm not interested in football, really.

But I did want to say that I agree with you about the girl scout (they're called girl guides in Canada) cookies - the mint ones were my favourite! (When I could eat them, anyways.)

Anonymous said...

I am not much for football,but I would be all over that food!

Leslie said...

Where do you buy that ice cream? I've not seen it in our stores. Why have you never told me about this before? You know my love affair (I assume I'm the one with the "large" love affair) with thin mints. Shame on you for not telling me in previous years.

Lindsey said...

Oh man that food looks sooooo yummy!!!

Susie said...

Since it wasn't the Panthers or the Bears, we just sort of tolerated it and I got so tired, i went upstairs and fell asleep, Im embarrassed to say! Looks like you had a good time. I made a delicious ham.
Oh.. thin mints are my fave too. looks so good.. eyes popped out when i saw this photo you took of it~

Linda said...

We did end up watching the game. Not too many commercials stand out to me other than the careerbuilder one.
I agree. The Boss looked terrible!