Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 83

Sometimes my life gets rather dull. It'll be the same ol' boring stuff in lab or the same ol' stuff at home. So then I have to ask myself, "Self, just what are we going to take a picture of today?"

"What do you mean 'we?' Last I checked I was just a series of firing neurons tucked under your cap, there's no way I can push a button."

Then I remind myself of the other point of all these pictures I'm taking. They aren't just to entrance and awe the masses with their sparkling glory (I think my Ego is trying to break out now, get him Id!) I also want to one day, when I am much older, look back at all these pictures and remember what my life was like.

So today I shall introduce you to the only two accessories I wear daily. One you've seen in far too many pictures (what can I say, my wedding ring is an attention whore). The other is much shyer and is not a fan of the spotlight.It's a rune stone and it stands for "Humanity." I've been wearing it since I was about oh 13 or so. Well aside from a few years when my husband and I were long distance so I gave it to him for safekeeping. Then as soon as I moved to be with him it went right back on my neck.

I wish I could claim that it holds some deep spiritual meaning for me, but no it is just a hunk of metal with something carved in it. I started wearing it everyday because I liked it and it could hold up well to what I put my "jewelry" through.

But while it may not have had any significance when it was first purchased it does now. It's seen me through high school and college. Hanging out and getting up to some wild stuff with my best friend (we cannot be trusted with things of a sticky nature), meeting my husband, getting that first real job (well and all the not so real ones too.)

And hopefully it'll still last through all those next stages: first house, a dog, maybe get a few kids to play with the dog. Possibly build a robot that can register for a boat loan. Heirlooms are wonderful and all but there's also something about being the beginning of a chain instead of just a link.

What's your daily accessories? Do you have a handful of things that you just wear everyday because it means something to you or has come to mean something?


Linda said...

I used to wear all sorts of jewelry. But now it's just my wedding ring. I've gotten so boring!

withoutadornment said...

You may say that your necklace means nothing, but it has seen a lot of life. :)

I usually just wear my wedding ring, earrings studs and my watch. I used to have this cross with green stone in it from Ireland, but I lost it. Alas.

Chesney said...

I wear something different every day - I am definitely a jewelry-coholic! The only staples I wear is my wedding ring, and my diamond studs that my kids bought me for mother's day (in the 3rd holes in my ears)! :)

melissa said...

That is a great photos. I especially love all of your science stuff in the background.

Jennifer said...

Terrific photo! I currently wear my wedding rings the necklace my hubby gave me on my weddign day and a bracelet my parents brought me back from Italy 20 years ago. The bracelet is a new addition this month, I try to add one new accesory a month (taking one away of course). How awesome you still have that necklace!

Lindsey said...

So pretty!!