Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 62

I have a secret to share with you all.

While I don't think it's anything all that shameful it may shock and horrify some of you to the point of near hysterics. So this post comes with it's own special fainting couch complete with smelling salts.

Now onto the secret.

I don't like shoes. I don't get a giddy feel when I see them in the store, I can much easier pick out a cut grasshopper before a pair of heels, and there is nothing that puts me in cold sweats more than having to go shoe shopping.

I wish it were just that I have a handful of shoes I like and don't go outside my comfort zone, but no it's much worse than that. I hate wearing shoes.

Don't believe me do you? Well here's a picture of my bare feet yesterday while I was sitting in my office (note all the wacky wires, I wish I could pretend they lead to something cool but it was really just my computer):

Sometimes I just think that my feet are claustrophobic as well as afraid of the dark. I offered to get them the little flashing shoes that were all the rage a few years back thinking then they could peek out but sadly it just made them angrier and I had to walk over broken glass to get them back in line.

If it weren't for the wonderful frozen tundra outside or the occasional road hazards I would easily spend all my time barefoot. I have been known to run out in the snow to get the mail just because I really didn't want to go through the annoyance of putting shoes on.

I can hear you all arguing, but what about sandals? True, sandals don't bother me as much as all encompassing shoes but there is a problem. Sadly Environmental Services is crystal clear on two things in a lab: 1. You have to wear pants at all time to protect your legs from spills and 2. You must wear closed toe shoes at all times to protect your little piggies for the dangerous blades every lab has dangling from the ceiling. At least I assume that's why.

Well I suppose we all must suffer in some way for our jobs. I just can't wait for all this thawing melting and refreezing to get done. There really is nothing worse than wet and soggy shoes my feet are already terrified of.

I hope I didn't cause too much of a ruckus in the peanut gallery. Are all the ladies still up in the balcony? No one fell out?

The things I do to keep my freak title.

Dare I ask if anyone else out there is not a big fan of shoehorning pieces of leather onto their own feet? If not, then I suppose you may all begin browbeating me with taunts of how huge my feet are (all the better to not fall on you with my dear) and how terrifying they must be.


Mrs. Newlywed said...

cute toe color!

I always keep mine pink [duh], but I've been thinking of a change...

Chesney said...

You are right, I need that couch - I do feel a fainting spell! You DON"T like shoes??? :) Fun post, and I love that blue nail polish!!

Lindsey said...

Cute toe polish!!!

I'm not a shoe fan much either, I adore flip flops!

Leslie said...

I know how ugly everyone thinks they are, but who cares. My feet are much happier in crocs (and you can get them without the holes too). Mostly because my feet aren't in them when I'm at my desk, EVER! Nothing is worse than uncomfortable shoes you can't kick off.

Linda said...

I do like shoes. I love buying them especially. But around the house I go bare foot. And in the summer I wish I could go barefoot all summer which is why I wear flip flops.

Stephanie said...

i hate shoes. my feet aren't as claustrophobic as yours, though, since i love socks. fluffy socks, squishy socks, soft socks, warm socks, most especially stripey socks. a sock that is all those things? foot bliss. note the singular -- although i love wearing socks, i seem to spend most of my time around the house nearly barefoot, with one sock off and one sock on. i will be extremely disappointed if someone breaks glass the week of my wedding or something and i can't skip down the aisle barefoot. combat boots look awesome with my dress, but i don't especially want to wear them.