Sunday, February 8, 2009

I am spoiled

Yesterday while I was outside soaking up some gorgeous sunny weather my husband had locked himself inside. It wasn't just so he could complete all the Thieves and Assassins guild missions either.

No, he pulled out the bags of flour and packet of yeast and set about making us some fresh bread.I think his favorite part is getting to punch the dough.It was a completely off the cuff winging it baking experience. Personally, I think he just wanted an excuse to play. Before wedding planning got too hectic he used to make some tasty chedder biscuits and a few bread loaves.

This time he only made a small enough batch to get four rolls, but they were soft on the inside and a nice hard crunch on the outside.They look even tastier with some butter after a nice big bite:I'm sure if any of you want to know how he went about making his little rolls I could probably wheedle it out of him. I honestly have no idea, I was too busy covering myself in blue and black paint (though there was one point when he had a pan full of water and was scrubbing it like mad).

Anyone else have a hubby who likes to bake?


AmyJean said...

My FH doesn't bake, but he loves to cook - funny how times have changed (definitely for the better). you are spoiled, but definitely deserving of all of it :)

Chesney said...

I wish my hubby baked, but he does do a mean grill! Yummmmm, I can smell that bread!

Jenna said...

Bread! I suck at bread. I'm attempting some cinnamon rolls tonight and I'm very nervous. And yes, you are very spoiled.

Linda said...

Nope, my hubby doesn't bake. I wish I could bake bread. I'm holding out for a breadmaker!

valerie said...

Mmmm. Bread.

My husband likes to bake, but since he spends a lot of time at working... baking... he leaves it up to me. He does make some pretty mean biscuits though, Cracker Barrel style.

professional daydreamer said...

my fiance cooks more than bakes, but he can bake fantastic desserts when he feels like it. right now he's in oven-less south korea and crawling up the walls over their rudimentary cooking appliances. :)