Saturday, February 28, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 87

The first week of Lent is always the worst for me. I have to think of not just one Pope approved meal but two.

While I put much research, work and purchasing of special ingredients into the Mac & Cheese for Friday I just bummed it and pulled a couple pieces of Sole out of the deep freeze and decided to make an herbed butter.

Aside from the fish all you need is butter and herbs (pretty self explanatory, eh). I used dill (tons and tons of dill), garlic powder and some salt and pepper all to taste. Just mixed it all together in the butter and poured that into the pan.Then just add the fish for oh about 5-10 minutes til it flakes with a fork. I love how quickly fish cooks. I used way more butter than was probably necessary but that was so I could pour it back over the fish and some of our couscous.And this is my second non- "meat" dish in one week. Aren't I just the awesomest wife ever?

I'm pretty sure if my husband had to come up with a meal every Friday we'd just wind up eating peanut butter and popcorn.


withoutadornment said...

Your fish looks so tasty! I suck at making fish, unless it's broiled. But yours just looks so good!!

So it's every friday that you have to eat no meat? I think I missed something...

Chesney said...

I have to admit - your fish dish does look appealing (even to us non sea food eaters)! :)