Friday, February 13, 2009

Picture a Day - friDay the 13th!

There is only one word to describe the feeling today: foreboding.

With threats of snow all of the public schools closed down today (they really need to grow a backbone too as it's a reported 1-1 1/2 inches now. Someones gonna feel really silly when it doesn't snow at all) and that means the roads are completely empty.

Like a scene out of a horror disaster movie we spotted only one or two cars on the road. It was so empty I was expecting zombies to stagger outside with cries of "Snow brains!" With the black clouds hanging precariously in the sky, the dangerous weather feels all but palpable possibly with a few rains of fire thrown in for good measure.

But I'm safely at work now, nothing here to get to me. No ladders that need breaking or mirrors that need walking under. No black panther that jumps out of the shadows and attacks at the slightest provocation.

However even I have been hit by the horrors of the day. Just, just look up in the right corner. I, I can't take it. Two people have abandoned me! I don't know what I could have done to piss them off. Maybe too much light banter? Maybe they tried one of my "recipes" and accidentally set their kitchen on fire.

I can only hope that on this most auspicious day they were not claimed by this guy:

(Yes that is a painting I finished yesterday of Death to go with my Rincewind and it is sort of cheating but short of actually breaking a mirror I didn't really have any good pictures for the day).

So please, all of my other followers out there please check in. With the certain white horrors falling all around us even as we speak I must make sure that you are all okay.

You may also want to check your laundry hampers for a chainsaw wielding hockey mask wearing psycho. He's the latest campaign mascot from Snuggles after they fired the bear and I fear he may go a bit far in the wrong direction.

How are you surviving this dark day of days that only falls a couple times a year? And just how strong is your superstition bunker because I may have to join you soon?


Chesney said...

You are too funny! My boys are loving the day off - they lowered our amounts to 4-6" but I will really be surprised if we get that! It is not supposed to start til this afternoon - silly to call school off already!

Another great piece of art - you really do have a talent!

Newlywed Next Door said...

Scary death pic!

Thanks for the comment -- the Mr. got a Ford Explorer (he works for an isurance company that has a whole fleet of them ... you've prob. see them in the company commercials) :)