Sunday, February 22, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 81

Today's pictures are coming at you in two parts. There will be action! Daring! Intrigue! Romance! Even an appearance of milk chocolate flavoring!

Allow me to invite you to pay witness to that most unexplained and muddled of behavior. We all in some form or another require consumption of energy to keep ourselves upright and mobile. Some of us may even enjoy it a time or two. But what happens to a small Barbecue joint on the outskirts of town when a man who will eat everything not nailed down is a patron?

We are about to enter the Twilight Zone. The corn cob on the left is my attempt at it, and believe it or not the corn cob on the right was not in fact gnawed away at by a family of squirrels but methodically masticated by my own husband.

He is a man who truly loves food. To the point where as long as food is in front of him he will ignore all outside stimuli til all is gone. He can, in fact, clean a plate better than any dog I've ever known. (Believe me, we've had contests before) But nothing entertains me more than watching him devour a cob of corn better than any rodent type animal ever could.

Val day is over and all those fabric swatch covered boxes of chocolates are on the clearance rack. You can't not have some sort of holiday section, so just what is a store to do?

Why put out the Easter candy of course.

As we were perusing the sights we came across two bunnies that well didn't quite fit in.

This first one is called Parsnip Pete.
Let's just say I have a funny feeling Pete's been getting into something a bit more substantial than just parsnip. Best to be on the safe side though and not eat any of Pete's "parsnips" or you could wind up with an eyeball that's so lazy it could drip out of its socket.

This last rabbit is called Sunshine and looking at him a whole lot of other words come to mind "Psychopath" "Deranged" or "Homicidal" for starters.
I don't want to know what this bunny has buried in his garden.

Special thanks to Palmers who always makes some of the nastiest tasting chocolate, but some of the funniest looking "chocolate" bunnies you've ever seen.


Chesney said...

Fun images, but I do have to admit I am partial to the chocolate! Why eat healthy when you can have chocolate - lol!

Leslie said...

Hey! Chocolate is healthy. Everything is good in moderation!!