Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 63

My desk at work is surprisingly simple, just two drawers on the side and a small pencil tray that one can lock (though I hope no one does as God only knows where the key is and I fear he was busy with other things to pay attention) but contained within one of those drawers is a little secret treasure.

I tried to draw a map to show off just how important it is and how good I am at drawing X's but then some pirates suddenly burst in asking if I'd seen a few Ninjas and grabbed it. Instead I'll offer you a quick sneak peek at my little desk treasure with my friend the digital camera.
First we have to find the right spot, then it's time to break out the shovels and start digging.
All right! Pay dirt! Texas T! And even the bag says there's a little something for everyone! I still have to use up one more exclamation point!
Why it's full of silver and gold nuggets, and rubies the size of your thumb. Finally I can retire from my high seas adventure life and settle in with a good book and a few tasty chocolates.
And before you ask, no I get no temptation calls from them sitting right next to me all throughout the day. Probably because I have no qualms with eating two or three a day to satiate my sweet tooth and sometimes my brain just needs a quick shot of glucose.

My favorite is probably the dark chocolate ones, though the baby Mr. Goodbars always hold a special place in my heart too (and really how else do you find them?)

Anyone else have their own little candy treasure stash that you may or may not share with certain other people in your office? Which one of my little treasures do you covet the most?


Leslie said...

By now you know I always have chocolate at my desk. I have a stockpile of M&Ms. Also I have a candy dish by my door where my coworkers stop in for a "pick-me-up". My prized treasure right now (since I've not yet found any more mint truffle kisses) is the caramel kisses. I keep them to myself. Of your goodies, my fave is the dark chocolate ones.

withoutadornment said...

I keep a box of instant oatmeal in my desk. If I had candy, it would be gone before someone could say chocolate and the weight of me would increase drasticaly. But, I usually bring more than enough food to work anyways.

Chesney said...

I have a stash of jelly bellies at work in my desk and also hidden at home (so my boys don't eat them all). A few usually satisfies my sweet tooth!

Lindsey said...

Oh yummy I wish I had that stuffed in my desk drawer!
I have oatmeal and soup in my drawer, boring!

Rachel said...

We have a candy stash downstairs that gets replenished whenever the boss hits Sam's. So, for the first week or two after that, there's good stuff in there and everyone raids it every time they're down there. Then, for the last week or two, all that's left is dark chocolate Milky Ways - blech. So,it's easy to not give in to temptation.

melissa said...

Oh I wish I had a candy stash at my desk at work. I do have a secret stash of Sweettart Hearts in my nightstand at home though... but it is getting harder to keep them from from my boyfriend.

Linda said...

I have some fruit snacks in my desk drawer. They are my current fave. But always have some chocolate too. I often sweet cravings in the afternoon.