Thursday, February 19, 2009

Is it October yet?!

This morning I got a wonderful little e-mail in my messy inbox (really you wouldn't believe how cluttered it is in there. I think there's a two week old sandwich trying to steal my password to organize a coup and overthrow the sock mountain but so far I'm on top of it).

Contained within said e-mail was a little message about Lemax and one of their villages.

And just what was that little message?


Sorry, sorry. Got a bit excited there, didn't mean to spray spittle at the screen.

My husband and I are crazy about the Lemax Halloween town stuff because it's just about our right level for Halloween: nothing is super cutesy, but it isn't all just covered in blood and gore and considered spooky. Ours is more Gothic (though Lemax does have some fun joke pieces as well) with mood setting pieces.

For all you non-Halloween freaks (probably just about all of you actually) feel free to just skip over my madness. But here in no order are some of the neatest new additions for 2009. If you want to see them closer up click on the images to get a bigger picture.

Usually we don't care too much for the Egyptian ones but I just love all the detail, even with the one priest wearing an Anubis head.

Thanks to a really great after Christmas sale we got our hands on a Vineyard house that while set up for Christmas I was thinking I could alter to look more like say a vineyard for vampires. This little figurine called "Bloodbath" would fit in so perfectly.
Just look at the menu on this one. I really love Dessert.

This one is called "Rat Attack" and okay so the rats to me kinda look like rabid squirrels but it would fit in pretty nicely with our graveyard.
This one is called "Demon Cave." I love the fact that all these evil things get together to have a little boozing and then poker, he he he.This is called "Witch Tree" and it has such a cool eerie feel like some old knarled trees I've known in my time.I've been wanting a good witches piece for a while. Only I'd have to paint their faces flesh colored because I just don't hold with Witches being green (blame my name and too much Pratchett) and I do like how the witches are sitting back and relaxing after a hard life of witching. Now to find a way to get Greebo in there.. Anyone else getting a Cave of Carbanorg feel from this one? I can already picture the cute fluffy bunny in there. Only Lemax could think of all the classic monsters getting together for Bowling night. My favorite is the mummy.

Hurray now onto the fancy houses, which I can't wait to get to watch move and make noise. This first one is the Lumber Yard complete with it's own Cerberus. And chainsaw weilding pyscho farmer on the roof. Every barn has to have one of those right?

Any Phantom of the Opera fans? Or just Opera fans in general? No takers? Philistines. I don't know about you but I'd love to attend this opera house. Everyone probably gets their own ghost.

This is the one that was showcased in the e-mail and the one I want to see in action the most. Why? Cause it's a fricken castle. It looks like an evil sorceror pops up from the side, a black knight lowers the drawbridge and a dragon pops out of the top. A real dragon!
There are tons more, I just highlighted my few favorites. If you are as into it as I am, check out House of Tam here.

Now I just have to wait til Michales gets them in on August. I may have chewed my fingers down to the nubs in anticipation.


Leslie said...

Only you could be this excited! But it does sort of explain your entertainment center.

Anonymous said...

Man, I must be living in a box or something because I've never heard of this stuff. I glad that there is something that you like so much!

AmyJean said...

These are really cool.. i too, have never seen anything like this! :)RelentlessBride