Sunday, February 8, 2009

Picture a Day - 67

I'm starting to suspect that Cate of Project Subrosa is psychic. Early early yesterday she wished me a lovely weekend and low and behold yesterday was an amazingly beautiful day.

It was a bright blue sky with a slight wind. Oh and it was about 65 F out (18 in the Celsius).

I just couldn't keep myself trapped inside on such a gorgeous and rare day (I fear we won't see one like it til May) so I packed up all my painting stuff and headed outside.Please ignore the unfinished painting, the flowers and I are getting into a small fight. They refuse to do what I want them too.

While my sunaphobic husband stayed inside killing and looting in the plains of Oblivion I was outside for a good three hours drawing, singing, painting and annoying all the other apartment dwellers that were going to get mail (which made me sad at the number who decided to drive up instead of walking).

In fact it was so warm out I even slipped into a pair of shorts.

Did anyone else have a wonderfully warm weekend? Sadly even though it's Sunday that beautiful weather is already gone as we look forward to more freezing weather.

What do you do as soon as the winter thaw is over?


Chesney said...

It was a gorgeous day yesterday, glad you took time to enjoy it! I took the dogs out to Walnut Creek lake here in Papillion for a walk. I was amazed at the warm weather and how people were out on the lake ice fishing - wonder if that ice is still there today?

valerie said...

It was gorgeous here too! Almost 70 degrees. It's crazy.

I'm glad you had a nice day though. :)

Anonymous said...

Lucky you! And I thought that our chinooks were warm at 10C!
I'm glad that you took advantage of it, or else I would be quite disappointed for you.

Sandy Toes said...

We did have a warmer weekend and all the snow is melting!
-sandy toe

Cate Subrosa said...

Ha ha! Well, I'm glad it worked. I only wish I could make the sun shine here by wishing Nate a nice weekend!