Thursday, February 5, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 64

My husband regularly pesters me in the hope that I'll bring back a special menu every night. Sometimes it's just not possible, others I'm not in the mood.

But last night, as the week wears on and I look forward to a hopeful spring warm up (we may get into the 60's tomorrow!) I relented.

Just what is this magical and special dinner night? Yep, it's Leftovers.

For me, leftovers are just a way to clean out the fridge and not have to think of a new meal for a night (oh how I hate that sometimes).

But for my husband it's a challenge combined with an adventure. He loves to travel deep within the recesses of our fridge (which really isn't as scary as others as he's always doing this) and find all the enigmatic and threatening gladware dishes.

He gets a giddy little thrill mixing and matching each dish. Old couscous with a side of chicken from Famous Daves and my barbecue sauce hamburger and potato mix for a starter. Then move onto some hamburger helper with a side of pork and noodles in my homemade alfredo sauce (I should share that recipe sometimes it's incredibly easy but so tasty).

As for me, I have some old chili and a bit of coleslaw and call it good.

I'm very lucky to have a human garbage disposal as I am terrible about wanting to revisit meals. I think I just tire of something too quickly (except for chili, I love that stuff) and by the time I want to eat it again any leftovers in the fridge are green.

How do you approach leftover night? Is it an exciting time to recreate weird mixes of dishes or do you put it off as long as possible like me?


Anonymous said...

I usually end up eating leftovers for lunch, for I like not having to make my lunch all the time. Add some frozen veggies and I'm happy.

But leftovers for dinner are also good, especially if both of us are in a rush. Depending on what it is, I'd rather have left overs first before eating anything else.

Chesney said...

Wow, that looks like my house - we have been doing left overs all week!

Linda said...

I'm not a fan of leftovers. Tai on the other hand loves leftover. He creates whole new meals out of them.

Lindsey said...

You are so organized! Our leftovers get buried in the back of the fridge and forgotten about!

Leslie said...

Well as you know, my husband is the pickiest eater in the world. I mean seriously, he should be in some kind of record book. Anyway of course he won't eat leftovers (except my homemade pizza and cheesesticks from Pizza Hut). Therefore, I end up eating them as lunch or feeding them to the dogs.