Friday, February 6, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 65

I've noticed that lots of other blogs have all of these super cool recipes that they find somewhere and then proceed to try at home complete with a loving list of ingredients, amount used, and any tweaks they added.

I, however; am not one of those people. I'll get the basic gist of a recipe down (basically if this should be added to this and so it won't curdle) and then I walk down a path all my own (which generally involves a lot of things burning). Also, I much prefer those meals that you can streamline and get done in say oh under 30 minutes including all the prep work.

So even though it isn't the fanciest meal out there, here is a nights meal that I made in about 20 minutes and everything contained was within our pantry (even though it was a spur of the moment dish).

My quick and easy taco salads.

Well the first thing you want to do is brown up some hamburger. We generally use around a poundish (get used to the ish, I'm gonna use it a lot).

While that is simmering and getting a golden brown turn the oven to about 350-400 F.

Once the meat is all brown I cheat and add a packet of taco seasonings, but I'm sure one could easily make it at home if one so chose, and let that soak up for 15 minutes.

Now to make the taco shells. It's such a simple idea I don't know why I didn't think of it before. Pull out a baking sheet and some tin foil. Wrap the tin foil up into fairly well sized balls.

Now take out your tortillas (I prefer flour myself but I'm sure the corn ones would work just as well). Place them on top of the balls and spray the tops with Pam (or my generic version). The Pam will give the tortillas a nice golden crust without having to do all the fuss of making an egg wash. This is generally true of most things as I've used it on filo dough before.

Now that goes in the oven for oh around 10 minutes. You'll want to watch it as it could take a bit longer or faster and it browns up quickly.

Okay round about now your husband should be showing up after having to make a quick stop at the grocery store to pick up some lettuce (ours had all but mummified in the fridge).While he's chopping up the lettuce, the shells are browning and the meat is still soaking in the tasty juices I finally set down to making my sauce. It's become my secret chip dip as well as anything I want to add a little spicy and creamy kick too.

It contains:

  1. Mayonnaise (the more real the better)
  2. Sour Cream
  3. About two tablespoons of milk to make it creamy
  4. Some liquid smoke
  5. Some teriyaki
  6. Some Tabasco
  7. Some chili powder
  8. Some paprika
  9. Some parsley
  10. Occasionally I'll add lime or lemon juice to crank up the acidity
  11. And a whole lot of dill

I wish I could share with you all of the exact amounts but it changes every time I make it. I much prefer to rely on my senses of taste, smell, and sight over what was scribbled in the margins of some book.

Well you take all that stuff I mentioned up above (and if you really like hot add some red crushed chili pepper as well) and mix it up. It should eventually look something like this:Now the final step is to just put it all together.

I probably didn't share anything ground breaking with you at all but this is a pretty typical and boring meal for us and about the way I prepare it. But it is fast and simple and pefect for a Thursday night.

In fact, I'm trying to train a hamster to make it. Sadly he keeps falling into the sour cream every time.

Are my boring and typical meals worth being held up to the pantheon of those on other newlywed blogs or should I just go back to pictures of my desk and lab?


Ashley said...

they definitely look better than any tacos I've made at home! and that sauce looks very yummy!

Chesney said...

That sounds good, you just gave me my idea for supper tonite!! THANKS!

withoutadornment said...

No, I think you should keep posting. Your posts about food are very realistic and something that non-Martha Stewarts could make.

I may be guilty of posting somewhat complicated recipes, but most of the time we have not terribly exciting things for dinner (ie. some kind of meat, some kind of starch and lots of vegetables.)

Rachel said...

Yes - I think we all love those easy dinners!! I know you've told Linda about some Hoison sauce stir-fry you do - I'd love to know more about that!
I'm definitely one who will look at a recipe, and if it has too many ingredients or steps, will keep on looking!
Your thing with the tortillas is something new and different to me! I would never have thought of using Pam and the oven to crisp them up! Good idea!!!

Now on the sauce, it sounds yummy - but my dear, I do need to know some sort of amounts because otherwise I'll end up with a huge vat of it before I get the proportions right!!! ;-) Of course I could put it in the fridge, but a little help on the proportions of each ingredient would help me out...

Rachel said...

Oh, by the way - you should definitely check out the crock-pot lady's website! Many of her recipes are super super easy and really good. Plus, they're ready whenever you guys get home at night!

If you don't have a crock pot - I saw one at Big Lots last week for under $20. A brand-name one, at that!

Linda said...

Rachel-I made her hosin sauce stir fry and it was yummy!
Sabrina, this is real food. No fancy ingredients something a lot of people can get behind. I hope you do these more often as well as show off your hosin stir fry! You are one talented lady and we all love learning about the wonderful things you do!

Lindsey said...

I love your recipes, these look so delish!!!

Jenna said...

Love this tip for browning the tortillas to make them hold the salad. I've never seen that before and I definitely want to try it!

professional daydreamer said...

your recipe is fantastic. more, please!