Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Giveaway-first week

You folks all heard me right, in trying to get with the holiday season I've decided to highlight and give away some of the neatest things I've found from

But I'm not a big fan of the random picking winner as I have the luck of a fish in the desert when it comes to these things. So I'm gonna ask you guys to work for your supper a bit. That can wait, first I want to show you what will be given away this week.

These gorgeous earrings are created by the talented Classy Castle. What really drew me in were not only the amazing colors of the jewerly she makes but this year she has a lovetoPIF shop. The PIF stands for "Pay It Forward" where she is only charging shipping and handling on these bad boys but she asks that you in exchange do something nice.

So in keeping with that fantastic idea my challenge for those pretty little green earrings is for you to leave a comment saying what was the nicest thing someone ever did for you.

It can be as simple or as complicated or as funny as you can think of. I'll have a different friend judge the entries each week so strategizing won't really work.

You have until this friday when I'll announce the winner. And then next monday I'll unveil the next fun prize.

So don't forget, something nice someone did for you.

And . . . . . Go!


Leslie said...

This ought to be interesting!!

Caitlin (see bride run) said...

the nicest thing anyone ever did for me was when i was 19 and very broke, i worked at a law office. two weeks before i was about to go back to college, my laptop died only 1 month out of warranty. it was going to cost $500 to fix it. i was so upset (there were other things going on in my life) that i locked myself in the conference room at work and cried hysterically. suddenly, i heard a knock at the door - it was the mangaging principal of the law firm. he asked what was wrong and i told him about my computer. that friday was my last day at work. during lunch, he handed me a check for ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS of his OWN MONEY and told me to go buy myself a new computer!!! it was so generous and i will never forget his kindess. i hope i can repay this favor to someone else when i'm older and have more $$$ to spare! i'll never forget that moment.

Kara said...

The nicest thing...well, about 3 years ago i was in an car accident and someone called 911 for me. If they hadn't, i wouldn't be here today. So that's pretty freakin nice!

Julie said...

My best friend got me an electric blanket for my little girl, one very very cold winter. This may not sound like much but she is asthmatic and her chest really kicks off in the winter-time. My heating was down and I had spent all my spare money on buying basic furniture after my long time ago ex boyfriend decided he would strip my home after I kicked him out for extremely bad behaviour. So my best friend bought the electric blanket to keep my daughter warm at night, so she didn't have an asthma attack. This guy has also literally saved my life, again a few years ago and it is down to him where I am today. The heating was soon sorted out and I've made a good recovery and moved my life forward but this man is amazing! He saved my life and he saved my daughter from a trip to hospital. I'll never forget what he has done for us.

Broke-ass Bride said...

The nicest thing anyone ever did for me was when I was 20, I was very ill and still undiagnosed, a mystery. I spent every Wednesday in the doctor's office, having multiple uncomfortable tests done, and fearing the worst. One kind intern at the office sat with my family and I for hours in the room, just to keep us company, keep our spirits up and make sure I was comfortable. His kindness will never be forgotten.

Kari said...

Sounds like fun! Those are goregous earrings!

Christy said...

Random flowers. Last year was my first year as a music teacher, and the idea of producing our K-2 Christmas program terrified me. In fact, I was in pain because of the terror - my back was spasming for the entire week ahead of time. After I survived it, the secretaries had flowers for me the next morning "from the staff and students" of my school. These women are incredible - they hugged me when I cried the day of the program, and then they bought me flowers. It was the kindness that you want to show someone else, and I won't be forgetting it anytime soon!

Adrienne said...

This is a tough one, but I have to go with something my fiance, Jeremy, did for me. When we met and started dating I was living in another city, away from my home, in his hometown. We dated for a couple years and I grew terribly homesick, but I didn't want to leave Jeremy behind and have a long distance relationship. So he agreed to move to my hometown with me so we could be together, AND I could live near my family again! SO SWEET! This was before we were even engaged. Further, we didn't want to live together since we aren't married yet, so I am living in a house, and he has his own apartment in a new city until the big day. I still can't believe he agreed to do it, and move away from all of his friends and family just for me. : ) I owe him big time!

sammik said...

This is a really neat idea, and it's a day-brightener to read all these stories! I'm also going to have to nominate the love of my life as the person who did the nicest thing ever for me.

I have had my cat Nadia for seven years now. I have a weird family situation and she has been my crutch for many years, as silly as that might sound. She comes running if she hears me crying, and she always greets me with a nuzzle and lots of purring when I wake up in the morning or come home in the evening.

Well, when I left for college, I couldn't take her with me. After my first year, I moved in with my fiance and a couple of his friends, one of whom HATES cats. So I was still unable to bring my cat and I cried practically every day about it.

My fiance risked being sued for breaking his lease so that we could move into a pet-friendly apartment and bring my cat from home. Since then, he has let me bring home two more cats who are the 3rd and 4th loves of my life. ;)

Awaite said...

love your site!!!

Well the nicest..hmmm I've had a lot of niceness in my life. One sticks out though. My fh got in a bad car accident on his way to work a few years ago when our daughter was a baby. A random women was behind him and ran to help him , she took him cell and looked in the phonebook for "home", she called me and I thanked her and let her know I didn't have a drivers license. She was already late for work but came to my house and waited for me to make a bottle for the baby and drove me to the hospital. A few days later we traced the call so we could bring her flowers but she was gone. Now that's what I call a random act of kindness. It really did change me!!