Friday, December 5, 2008

Picture a Day-Day 3

Meet my lunch:I wish I could claim that this was a once in a rare time thing but no I am incredibly boring when it comes to lunch. Every day at work my guy and I have a sandwich, a piece of fruit and some sort of carbohydrate goodness (I am a nut for carbs. I'd worship at the alter of carbs if someone would just get around to building one).

I have no idea why eating the same thing over and over doesn't bother me but I'll do it for months and months then suddenly flip out, throw it all out and have to find something completely different and eat that for a few months.

Is anyone else as weird as me? Or do all you brown baggers actually think about your lunch?


betrothedbean said...

I usually do the same thing as well for breakfast and/or lunch. For breakfast my current thing is toast with either peanut butter or sunflower seed butter with a bit of jam. During the summer, I ate the same bowl of cereal for about 3-4 months. For a while, I was really into taking salads for lunch, then sandwiches and now it's leftovers. :)

DeadmansLog said...

We do sammiches or leftovers.

Usually leftovers. Because I'm lazy.

z.B. today I have no lunch, because we ate all our leftovers for dinner last night. And I didn't feel like slaving over a sammie while trying to get out the door.

Good thing it's free bagel day at work. ;)

Rachel said...

I can't take anything that needs to be heated as we don't have a microwave. During the summer, I like salads, or even cereal, for lunch. But in the winter, I'm really into bringing a thermos of soup. I'll usually bring a piece of fruit to eat with it.

Linda said...

I'm really bad at brown bagging it. Tai will take leftovers but not me. I'm never in the mood to make something in the morning or the night before to bring to work.

Cate Subrosa said...

Baddie has porridge for lunch every day, and two tuna sweetcorn sandwiches for lunch every weekday. I have no idea how he does it. I need waaaaay more variety than that!

Kara Robson said...

My husband and I have two or three options. I don't think too hard about packing his lunch, but I don't send him to work with the same thing every day if I can help it. Sometimes he has a sandwich, sometimes he has a cup of noodles, sometimes I make him take leftovers otherwise he won't eat any. But he always gets a bottle of gatorade and some sort of snack. Not too hard. But his sandwich is always the same, roast beef and turkey with swiss cheese, mustard, salt & pepper. Once a week when we have extra money he goes out for his lunch. So he gets a nice variety.