Friday, December 19, 2008

Picture a Day-Day 17

There's a war going on in my house. It's been a long drawn out battle between two opposing forces who refuse to back down.

I fear there will be no end til one them lies strewn across the floor, soil covering every surface.

You see, the war is between my husband and the Morning Glories I planted last March. Living in an apartment means we have little to no green space to grown things (and anything grown outside gets eaten by the evil bunnies).

So thinking I would be all smart and make some oxygen on the side I planted some simple and pretty morning glories in a window box (a window box that doesn't fit inside of our tiny sill I might add. Who knew husbands were so good at finding just the right precarious point to send the thing tumbling every time they try to water).

Well, even with the occasional dive onto the carpet the Glories thrived, taking over
first one window. Then finding it not quite suitable enough moved over to the next. This is when the little war took over.

With scissors in hand my husband has tried to reclaim some of his territory back by clipping back the vines and just in general hacking the morning glories apart. But he doesn't seem to be making much headway as with every few days we're gone they just grow right back.

His latest kill

I have no idea who will best who in this battle of the window blinds, but I know in the end there can be no winners.

Does anyone else have their SOs fighting for dominance against your plants or maybe even a pet or is mine the only crazy one?


Anonymous said...

We have a cactus plant, which we happily ignore and it happily survives. I guess that's one plus about living in a dry climate!

Anonymous said...

haha! P was NOT a dog person prior to me and Vida and I had to break him in! we are all happy to report that he has been fully converted!

i am totally in awe of you for being able to stick with the pic a day. i failed miserably!