Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dancing rules!

When it came time to picking all of our special reception dances I didn't want to do the whole "junior high swaying back and forth like we're on a ship at sea" dance. I wanted something that people wouldn't fall asleep while watching

But we can't dance. I can find a rhythm and make up my own steps to it but I have no idea what the difference is from a rumba (a dancing version of rhubarb?) a foxtrot (I think you need a special outfit and horse) or a waltz (sounds like a pastry to me).

My husband has the exact same dancing expertise as 90% of males across the nation, meaning next to none at all. But he was willing to humor me on wanting to try some faster songs. So began some great fun nights at home doing our best to work out how one does turns, flips and dips (all without destroying too much of our property).

What makes it even more entertaining if you do learn just a few fancy little steps; your guests will clap and whistle for every little thing. It was amazing how often we got cheers just for shaking our groove thing to some Frank Sinatra.

If all that hasn't encouraged you to try doing a faster first dance maybe some of our pictures will.I love all the motion of my dress, veil and tail (though some of you may opt out of the tail)We were laughing the whole time. You can't be nervous if you're too busy having fun.
We had some little usurpers sneak in in the middle of our dance. How cute is that?A photo finish.


valerie said...

I love the second picture. Your facial expression shows what your whole wedding was about.

Cate Subrosa said...

Aw, that's fantastic! Looks sooo fun!

AmyJean said...

Loving those pictures. you look like u are having so much fun!

Kara Robson said...

Wonderful pictures! Looks like your shoes are comfy. I opted for barefoot at my reception because I can't dance in sandals. My feel slide out too much.

Adrienne said...

Oh how fun! And nice dip!!!