Monday, December 22, 2008

Picture a Day- Day 20

My mother has an infuriating habit of buying things without consulting with us. Sometimes it's lamps we don't need, other times it's a game we already have or some strange decoration all while she claims that it doesn't matter as it was on clearance.

This year she's finally outdone herself.

As soon as we got home she pulls us into the garage to show us her latest find. It's in a huge box and we glance at each other knowing there is no way in hell it'll fit inside of the little Taurus.

Then she starts to tell us how it was originally priced at $200 and finally clearanced for a whole $20. (Oh dear God, what the hell is that big that was so bad they were willing to pay people to take it away?)

Meet the pieces of our new recliner:It was only through sheer willpower and frozen fingers (packing a car when the temp is a good 10 degrees below zero is just pure evil. I say we move Christmas to June) we got the thing home with us and put it together.

He may look all smiles, but we figured out right away why that thing only cost $20. It's like sitting on a plywood board with some fabric on top.

Not to mention we have nowhere to put it. Having moved in a year and a half ago the living room space was pretty much spoken for by our love seat and super special video game chair (not really super or special it's just the only one my hubby will use). I have no idea where the chair is officially going, for now it's tucked in a corner. Maybe after the tree is gone we'll come up with something.

Anyone else have a parent or friend that just gets you the weirdest things because they decide you need them or they're on sale? Especially without consulting you?

Oh yeah and that is Death in the background with a santa hat on, he's the Hogfather this year.


melissa said...

OMG! Your mom sounds a lot like my mom. I guess living several hundred miles away from mine has some perks. Non useful presents are better dealt with if they come in mailable sizes.

Oh, no! -10 in just one more day!

Linda said...

I do that! I buy crap on sale because it's on sale! My poor hubby has to put up with it! I try just to do it myself. i try to make sure gifts are actually appropriate.

Cate Subrosa said...

Ach, what a nightmare! I would have refused to take it home. (Although it wouldn't surprise me if you grew to love it.)

Actually this reminds me of Baddie's mum giving him razors in his Christmas stocking one year despite the fact he never wet shaves (which she must have known, he was living at home at the time!) WTF?!