Sunday, December 21, 2008

Picture a Day-Day 19

Snow ruins everything!

We had quite a bit planned for our little trip to my home but it was all crushed thanks to an overnight 5 inches and enough blowing to make visibility on the roads down the zilch.

We even got roped into helping scoop.
We pretty much spent all of the visit inside the house watching very boring TV shows and movies not willing to go out in the subzero weather.

Well at least the dog had a good time in it.

Is anyone else missing out on some fun plans thanks to this craptacular weather?


Anonymous said...

That's too bad that the weather canceled your plans.

The weather here hasn't been that great either - the last two Sundays Mr. Bean and I were supposed to go and have dinner with his parents, but both times it was canceled due to weather and/or sickness.

AmyJean said...

that pup is TOO cute!