Saturday, December 20, 2008

Picture a Day-Day 18

For the weekend I've traveled up north to do Christmas with the family. Actual Christmas is gonna be a week in Chicago though thanks to my hubby's new laptop you can't get rid of me that easily, mwhahaha.So of course upon arriving the kids figure out instantly that not only are we back to visit but we also brought some toys with us. They started sniffing through the bags trying to figure out which ones were theirs.

I couldn't take the excitement anymore and let them dig in.A sign of things to comeAt 10 years old, he's a pro at this
I'm pretty sure all he really wanted was to rip the paper apart, toys were just the after math.Hurray, sweet victory. Greenies are like Doggie crack to them.

Does anyone else have to spoil their fur babies with wrapped presents? Ours adore Christmas and are notorious for opening up presents long before they're supposed to.

In fact they were more prone to peeking than either me or my sister.


Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful sunrise! (sunset? I'm really terribly at knowing.)

Your dogs are super cute.
My brother use to have "cheese runs" with my parent's dog, where he would wrap chunks of cheese in paper and distribute them around the house while Lucky was in her kennel. Then he would let her loose and she would run around, ripping paper and eating cheese. It's somewhat entertaining except now when you crinkle paper around her she gets really riled up and wants to bite it.

valerie said...

I'm definitely gonna be giving the Devil Kitty a wrapped present. I don't know if he'll be able to rip it open, but he might try. I'm gonna get him a replacement seagull thingymabobber on a stick since he, uh... ripped off a wing, feathers, and chewed up the stick it was on. :/

You have cute fur babies!! :)


Ha ha ha ha!! Way to rip into them! Too cute!!

sammik said...

All three of my cats have their own stockings and I always put toys and treats in there for them to "open" on Christmas. :)