Thursday, December 4, 2008

Picture a Day- day 2

I would like for you all to meet our snow people. Everyday they greet us from our grill super happy to have us home knowing that now they don't have to worry about anyone trying to steal them without one of us maybe noticing.They actually came about after our first Halloween at the apartment. We had two pumpkins we carved sitting in our chairs that I loved seeing every time we came home (yes I am a sad person, getting attached to a large orange squash I'd say "Hello" but not enough to knife into it and pull out all its innards).

Once they were tossed we began a long hard search for something to sit outside to welcome us home. I didn't want anything too Christmasy as they'd sit out all winter.

We'd all but given up hope til we found these two little cuties. You can also see my favorite little garden stone, the evil frog down by the grill as well.

Stay tuned for a post later as I just got in the rest of the pro pics and have some awesome ones to show off.

(To Linda and Cate I promise that I'm not going anywhere and I shall strive to remain as entertaining as always. I don't know if it helps but I am currently blogging with a red rubber nose and curly red wig on.)


Rachel said...

I like the snow people! ;-)
And the evil frog too.

Even though you were complaining about the drivers and the black ice... I think the snow is so pretty!

Linda said...

You my dear are always entertaining. Glad to hear you aren't going anywhere right now.

Anonymous said...

Those snow people are quite awesome and cute!

Anonymous said...

a) Love the snow people. They rock.
b) Love the feature - I totally stole your idea.