Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The puppy virus

As a newlywed I keep hearing about the dreaded baby bug. Random people seem to be very concerned if you've caught it and how you plan on dealing with the symptoms. In fact it appears to be so prevalent among new brides that I am beginning to suspect foul play.

Maybe they just hide some special powder in your dress so as soon as you put it on visions of babies dance in your head. Dust some in your bouquet to stimulate the procreating part of your brain. Or there's always poisoning the champagne supply (though we may be getting a bit too Snidely Whiplash now).

For me, I have managed to avoid the super virulent strain and instead have caught a more dormant type (yes I do realize I just compared a baby to herpes). Me and my guy have both agreed we want a couple but not for a few years (it's much more fun spoiling other kids).

But in taking all the vitamin C and enjoying long nights without crying and poopie diapers to combad the baby bug another little time sucking germ has snuck in.

The puppy virus.

I've had dogs around me my whole life. Huge cuddly slobbering romping dogs. The type of dogs you can wrestle with, chase after with a shovel full of snow, or lay on while you sleep.

And they were always there for you when you weren't feeling good. I can't count the number of times when I was sick that instead of laying in the coveted couch spot I'd have a black head on my bed watching to see if I'd need anything.

But in between college, grad school, and finally winding up in our first apartment I have not had a dog with me for almost 7 years. I curse all these stupid apartments in our town that won't allow a pet. So you pretty much have to get a house if you want to have anything (we can't even have a hamster).

And while we do want to buy a house at some point, I do not want to move. I spent pretty much those 7 years constantly moving and it would be nice to spend at least a little bit of time in one place (actually take things out of boxes, put up a few picture frames and the like).

So for now I just have to curl up with my husband, spoil my parents dogs rotten, and read about some newlyweds and their crazy yellow lab.

Is anyone else fighting with a nesting bug or two? How do you deal with it when you know it's just not gonna happen for a while?


DeadmansLog said...

The puppy virus hit me last summer; me, the stated cat-person. I wanted a dog, I needed a dog.

I started browsing just to remind myself how much of a responsibility dogs were.

And I fell in love with one of the pictures. Within three days we brought home Pinot, got engaged that next weekend. Having a dog almost kept us from having our engagement weekend, in fact! :) But I wouldn't trade him for the world.

Best. Dog. Ever.

Blablover5 said...

I started doing that a bit too, and realized how dangerous it was as I found one I just wanted to take home so badly.

It doesn't help that statistically large black dogs are much less likely to be adopted and that's what I want.

Do you have any pictures of your little Pinot?

betrothedbean said...

I fortunately haven't had that yet, but I imagine that it would be frustrating.
I do kind of want a dog, but it wouldn't be fair to it as we're both gon eofr 11 to 12 hours a day during the week.

AmyJean said...

My FH and I have two puppies so we've been infected with the puppy virus some time ago... but just b/c we have two doesn't mean we don't stop nearly every pup that walks by that isn't ours! We love pups!

DeadmansLog said...

Pinot! My little love.

Most the pictures I take of him come out with his head blurry. He can't hold still - he just has to lick and come sit on your lap if you're close.

Blablover5 said...

Awe cute little wet puppy.

valerie said...

I'm a cat person, but part of me REALLY wants a Great Pyrenees or any hybrid/mutt containing said breed.

It doesn't help that I see my pets as near human members of our family. I hold my cat like a baby, and talk to him like he's a person. I'd do the same for a dog, assuming I could hold him or her.

I. must. fight.

I'm not ready for human babies. Just fur babies. Lots of them. We can't afford them though, just like we can't afford to care for a baby.

Linda said...

I have the same virus. I want a puppy now! Our friend just bought a Maltese! Sweetest little thing ever! I keep trying to get Tai to agree with me but he ain't budging!

Cyd said...

Oooo I think I was born with the puppy virus! I had dogs around all of the time too and then had to go several years without and finally in my senior year of college I decided I would do whatever it took to find a place where I could have a puppy. For now she's all I need...I agree, spoiling other people's babies is far more appealing than my own babies for now.

Although, sometimes thoughts of a second puppy do cross my mind, but we're waiting until after the waiting before adding on.

DCKate said...

I have that and we just got engaged! The boy has a thing for dachshunds, and I like beagles. And pugs. And Shibas.

I think we have a problem.

Cate Subrosa said...

Direct quote from the last blog comment I left, over at That Wife: "Dog vs. cat vs. baby is a conversation Baddie and I have been having for years!"

There's something is the air in the blogosphere today...

Jennifer said...

I have the puppy virus bad! Baby virus, eh?...puppy virus, YES!